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The Babushcar is Fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.

It unravels the fabric of reality itself as it shatters and scatters across the field.



Special Attributes

When the Babushcar's health loss reaches a certain threshold, the vehicle ejects its shell, shrinking in size while its mobility is enhanced. The ejected components do nothing to nearby enemies. When it regains health, its performance reverts back to previous levels, although the first layer cannot be regenerated as it is considered as armor.


As the very first dynamic-performance vehicle in the game, there are countless strategies that can be attributed to this vehicle.

The first form is pretty slow and is average in terms of other statistics. Because of this, when joining a game, the Babushcar should usually avoid combat until the first layer is ejected.

The Second Layer is pretty average but is slightly faster and more agile. The performance is similar to the Earn to Die Truck and can easily catch up and defeat some slower vehicles.

The Third Layer is, however, not very advantageous because it tends to fishtail on turns and does not accelerate very fast, making it vulnerable to many other targets. However, at this point, if possible, a skilled player can try taking some limited damage to enter the 4th layer and start their escape. Players who are good at the Super Sooper can easily take advantage of this drift-like handling to avoid enemy fire.

The 4th layer is the last stand. If you don't get yourself back on, you never will. Aside from being very maneuverable and responsive, it has a good velocity, which is able to outrun many other vehicles that are actively pursuing except for very fast ones such as Speed, Speed 2.0, Grand Veloce, or Rumbler using its Boost, or Wind Up with its wind up ability. An Oiled Sparkie or a Teleporting Time Machine serve as occasional threats, but a quick driver can react and avoid these threats until they heal up quickly to stage 3 and preferably stage 2.

This vehicle is best used in the Hypergrid Map or team deathmatches, due to the better access to healing.Thanks to its ability, it is also a good pick in Crown Mode, (Which is the game's normal mode) However it may not excel against specialized vehicles. It's balanced, but it's not indestructible.



  • The Babushcar's layers are based on multiple vehicles.
    • The first layer is a mixture of Lamborghini Terzo Millenio and Ford Indigo, which are both concept cars.
    • The second layer is a mixture of Dodge M4A (Front) and Pagani Zonda (Back).
    • The third layer is based on the Ford Focus RS.
    • The fourth layer is designed after Campagna T-Rex.
  • Sometimes, the third layer's rear wheels will remain even after it enters its 4th stage, resulting in a 5-wheeled vehicle. This bug was later fixed in the Golf Course update.
  • The Babushcar's name is derived from a Russian/Polish word "Babushka". (Lit. Old Lady)
    • The word "Babushka" is commonly erroneously used to referring the "Matryoshka", a Russian set of wooden dolls of varying sizes, designed to nest inside one another, which is what the in-game Babushcar's abilities is based on. The Russian name of Babushcar correctly refers to it as "Matryoshka".
    • However, the wooden dolls do not change their appearance, as each set has identical dolls. Every time the Babushcar deteriorates, it reveals a whole new vehicle.
  • If respawned in a Team Deathmatch, it will not have armor, but the first layer still exists.
    • Furthermore, if the vehicle heals to full, it will be able to regain the stats of its first layer. The stage distribution will then be:
      • Stage 1 = 6 health.
      • Stage 2 = 4-6 Health
      • Stage 3 = 2-4 health
      • Stage 4 = 1-2 health
  • The fourth layer with glitched wheels resembles the Classic Racer.
  • Along with the Mini Tank and Super Sooper, they are the only few fusion vehicles that needs all of it's material vehicles at max level in order to fuse.
  • The second layer, third layer and fourth layer will have the same color scheme, even if the skin of the Babushcar is changed.
    • Furthermore, if it is oiled in the third and fourth form, it will not become covered in oil visually due to the sprite glitch.
    • The glitch was corrected in the Golf Course Update.
  • Babushcar was released in the Stadium Update. Both the Stadium and the Babushcar are based on Russian objects, the Luzhinki stadium and the Matryoshka.
  • The Babushcar had a glitch which caused itself to slowly steer itself to the left side even when attempting to travel in a straight line, thus slightly decreasing the car's maneuverability.
    • A similar glitch were also occurred on the Trolley, but instead caused the vehicle to steer to the right with more severity.
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