The Battering Ram is Epic vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Creaking with the sands of time, it will show its difference even if that means destruction.



Special Properties

When a vehicle enters melee range ahead, the Battering Ram applies a significant amount of knock-back to it in addition to doing the normal ramming damage.

It cannot push static enemies such as King Jelly and vehicles disabled with the Freeze Cannon.


The ability effectively gives this vehicle increased offensive potential, as attackers are sent farther away than usual versus just the regular ramming. To start with, pushed enemies will be significantly disrupted, as it will be harder to intentionally hit the Battering Ram if they are knocked out of sight. If another vehicle happens to be near the target, at least one of the both adversaries will attempt to get rid of each other first, leaving the Battering Ram either spoils of war or a chance to escape. It can also be utilized to kick vehicles into other forms of threats, such as water areas, bottomless pits, Oil, explosive barrels, and even Landmines, forcing them to take unnecessary damage on top of the vehicle's own collision damage or even outright destroy it. This can be further augmented with offensive Shield Modifiers, which either gives an even larger boost to its push capabilities, or stun the opponent while kicking them away, preventing them from closing in for a short period.

In exchange for its capabilities, the Battering Ram has weak performance stats - In particular, it has a massive profile while its top speed, handling and acceleration are amongst the worst in the entire game - With this in mind, there are very few ways to use this vehicle properly, as the defensive nature of most suitable playstyles often contradict the ram's purpose. Additionally, the ram does not cover anywhere else, leaving it susceptible to ambushes.



  • A Battering Ram, in the medieval history, is a siege machine used in attacks against fortified areas such as castle gates, in which they are carried by men/animals going at high velocities to break the gates with powerful blows, so attackers may intrude. However, they are not complex machines.
    • The giant pole is also a reference to their general shape: A massive log with a head covered with metal.
    • Battering Rams on wheels are fairly common, because they have more room for protection against defenders, and are easier to move.
    • Real life Battering Rams require several crew members to be operated, and it wasn't self-propelled like in-game.
    • The name is a double entendre - It refers to both the eponymous siege machine and the goat-styled ram head.
  • The Battering Ram has an idle animation: The ram continues to extend and contract on the menu and in the garage.
  • Similar to the War Car, War Wagon and War Machine, the Battering Ram's design takes influence from elements of steampunk culture and medieval warfare.
    • It is the only one out of the four that doesn't have the word "War" in its name.

Bugs and Glitches

  • The knock-back animation may not play when its ability triggers.

Changes in Updates

  • The Battering Ram was introduced in the Castle Update as an Upcoming Vehicle.
  • After the Mine Update, Battering Ram can be obtained from Prize Machines.
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