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Before the release of Crash of Cars and several patches, there were several features that were removed from the final release. These changes range from deleted vehicles and unused icons to the removal of maps. Content is usually removed due to a variety of reasons. NotDoppler revealed several unused content on Crash of Cars Facebook page, Below is the list of the beta content.



"Choosing an icon for a game is incredibly important - it's the first impression a player will have of the game and needs to stand out from the pack. We tested possibly close to 100 different icons, here are some of them along the way, including the crazy one in the bottom right!" - NotDoppler

A large amount of game icons were designed, but never used. These show mostly the Muscle, it having a face, it being on a ramp on Narrow, it along with the Earn To Die Truck (this marks the first time it appears outside an EtD series icon), and the Rumbler having Super Boost and Spikes equipped at the same time.




Park is a beta map created during the development of Crash of Cars. It was scrapped because of several death traps on left side, and the overall empty atmosphere, which contributed to negative feedback from playtesters.

Some of Park's scrapped assets were reused in Narrow, Construction and Golf Course.



Derby is a beta map created during the development of Crash of Cars. it was later re-textured as Moon.

Not to be confused with the Derby vehicle released in the Blitz Mode Update.


Narrow merely a developmental codename coined due to the map having the most narrow silhouette amongst all maps in the game. For reasons yet to be specified, the name was kept in the final release. One known concept name is "Beach", aptly named around its setting.



When activated, Flashbang jumps into the air, then explodes. All affected vehicles in the vicinity will have a massive, lingering white oval obstructing their screen.

It was scrapped due to several reasons:

  • The user cannot see which targets were affected
  • Its distortion effect is both annoying and extremely difficult to avoid.
  • Practically, this has no impact on Bots, only real players can be affected.


Originally, the Spikes' sprite were to resemble Train rams. It was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Spread Cannon

In a concept image of Desert, it is possible to see a Spread Cannon mounted on top of the Limo's cabin instead of its hood. It can be presumed that some other power-ups such as Cannon and Railgun would have appeared this way too.



Several cars were either redesigned or removed from the game, for example.

  • At one point of the development, every vehicle had their own face, similar to vehicles in the Cars franchise. However, the sheer difficulty in adding that to every vehicle in the future prevented this feature's addition.
  • Chuck was not shown here, it was added at late stages of game development before release.
  • The Muscle's inner hood vents is painted in red, which later changed into black.
    • This feature was later re-introduced in several other vehicles released later such as Fury, Super Sooper and War Machine.
  • The GT used to had a white stripe on itself by default. The Bug had a black one. Stripes for both were removed from final release.
  • The Phoenix's beta design is significantly different from its current design. It has a more streamlined shape and a black rear spoiler.
  • Originally, the Speed's models will including its driver, but it was removed for rating reasons.
  • The Train (on bottom left) is one of earliest vehicles to enter development, but was ultimately cut due to its size and technical difficulties.
    • The scrapped model was then re-used for its release in the Atlantis Update with a few changes in detail.
  • The Limo had a slightly wider general profile.
  • The Tank's frontal entrance hatches right in front of the windshield were originally painted in a darker green, but was changed to match the color of the main body.
  • Earn To Die Truck's roof is originally inclined, similar to its EtD counterpart. The vehicle's height exceeds its final iteration, compensated with larger grates, mirrors, & longer exhaust tubes.
  • The School Bus in the beta was slightly taller than its current iteration, and presumably included the stop arm.
  • The Pirate Ship's propulsion was changed from skis to rocket engines. It was unknown why this change was made, but it can be attributed that a vehicle that has only skis cannot move at all without extra propulsion force.
  • Oiler's cab windows were originally rectangular. Currently, they are curved at the bottom.
  • The Royal Wagon's wheels were four Chucks instead of more traditional wheels, and its flags were red instead of blue.
  • The Sphinx was originally be the hidden car for the Desert until it was scrapped and replaced with Mummy.
    • The vehicle was later reintroduced in the CTF update as another hidden vehicle,
  • Pickup Truck was originally an Epic vehicle named "The Ute".
  • Totem's layers were constructed from skulls from humans, birds, & another unknown creature. Its color scheme was red, orange & dilated brown. The back section was also smaller.

Gameplay Mechanics

Old Healthbar.JPG

Some features look different in the beta versions than their current versions.

Health Bar

  • In one of the game's App Store images, the vehicles' health were depicted as a single bar.
    • Originally, these would have been in thicker segments, as seen in the Flashbang video.

Power-Up Boxes

  • There were two known concept images of their holograms:
    • A rectangular projector displaying a static wooden crate, with the question marks sliding in a loop on its exterior.
    • A transparent, rotating cyan cylinder with question marks & their background embedded onto the surface.


  • There were 4 known concept of crown designs, all of which are available in both matte golden and silver variations:
    • A simple, tiny sphere.
    • A three-dimensional crown.
    • A three-dimensional five-pointed star.
    • A two-dimensional crown.

Prize Machines

  • All Prize Machines' icon originally resembled a slot machine. This was removed due to being suggestive of gambling.
  • The Rare machine cost 10 gems instead of 20.


  • Prestige was not necessarily earned in multiples of 5.


  • Originally, the skin icon was supposedly a paint roller instead of a brush.

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu has gone through several iterations. See the gallery for images.


  • It was possible to watch advertisements on the main menu to obtain an unspecified amount of them.
  • Known coin iterations include:
    • A silver coin with a cent icon in the middle.
    • A plain square/circle with a "c" in the middle.


  • Known Gem iterations include:
    • A right hexagon with a darker shade.
    • Light green/blue crystals.


  • Known prestige iterations include:
    • A brown spiky circle with a number inscribed to it.
    • A brown circle with few spikes & a number.


  • Buttons were blocky and resembled 3D objects more. They also shared the same blue color.

Gallery of Beta Menus

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