Wheel vs. BBQ

What do you prefer? the wheel?, or the BBQ?

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CrashofCarsWiki CrashofCarsWiki 14 December 2020

Introducing the Abuse Filter and Achievements features

Hi all,

A few days ago, FANDOM Staff (the people who run our wiki from an IT/system level) enabled two new features at our request, which we believe the wiki community should be aware of.

The two features are the Abuse Filter and Achievements features. A brief statement on what each of these features can do is below

  • The Abuse Filter is a tool that allows the Wiki Team to automatically have the wiki system take actions on specific edits that match certain conditions. Some examples of this capability may include preventing non Wiki Team members from being able to post to the Wiki Team Blog or automatically blocking accounts that add certain types of manifestly inappropriate content. Typically, the system will show you a warning before it takes …

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CrashofCarsWiki CrashofCarsWiki 12 December 2020

Introducing the Wiki Team Blog

Hi all,

Today, after consensus among the Wiki Team (this wiki's admins and mods), we have decided to introduce a new Wiki Team Blog.

This blog is intended for the Wiki Team to be able to give you, the community, the latest important news about the Crash of Cars community as a whole or about this wiki itself. Some examples of content we may feature on the blog are important community announcements (such as if Not Doppler officially endorses our wiki in the future) or important wiki changes (such as the enabling of a new feature or tool that may affect how you use this wiki.

This blog can be found here. It has also been added to the Community tab (next to the wiki logo) when accessed from a computer, and can also be accessed from the menu next …

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Nevrik197 Nevrik197 7 November 2019

dungeon boss fight

Hello my name is nevrik and i play a lot of crash of cars so if you see this name Nevrik (COCP) do not kill me please and cooperate with me

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SUPER4geditTANK SUPER4geditTANK 5 December 2018

Important IOS Christmas Update

So hello guys, I want to alert all of you that a new update came out in December 5, 2018.

  • Festive Sleigh (Technically Returning Vehicle, avaliable until January 15).
    • As you may expect, the vehicle's relevant missions returned.
    • Everyone starts with 3 lives (Max obtainbable amount). You get a single life every hour if not at full, and can be refilled with gems (Exact Cost unknown, I'm poor on both gems and coins), or 1 for each short video.
    • There are four present boxes: 40, 100, 200, and 400 pieces of candy to unlock, respectively. I got a skin with the 40 candy gift box. The Chinese players figured out that what are in the remaining three crates: the 100 candy one contained a wooden sleigh, the 200 one with an ice based skin, and the 400 one wi…

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Moomoo707 Moomoo707 2 November 2018

Improvements to wikia

Please do not be offended by the title of this blog.

Do not misunderstand this.  This Wikia is great so far.  There are some things that could make this Wikia better though.  For example, organize the pages into a more formal manner in the navigation bar, like all the cars under one tab like:


   Normal Cars

        Hidden Cars

   Rare Cars

        Prestige Cars

   Epic Cars

   Legendary Cars

   Fusion Cars

   Special Event (Limited) Cars

That is just one example for the cars tab on the ribbon.  Another suggestion might be to add a tab for "Maps", then input all the maps there.

Skins can be a category there too, and maybe gadgets can be a tab up there too, I don't know.

These are just suggestions, but I just hope you consider them to make this Wik…

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The Tanki X The Tanki X 26 September 2017

Hi guys!

Guys, I think we are doing well! Keep going!

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