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The Boost is a power up in Crash of Cars.


When activated, Boost takes a brief period to heat up, while displaying arrows ahead of the vehicle's orientation, indicating the potential effect caused by it. After this period ends, the player's vehicle more forward rapidly, inflicting damage to unprotected vehicles that were caught in the way. During this short interval, the user is unable to move. It grants some invincibility for a brief moment, defusing every explosive barrel it rams into, and ignores most obstacles if they are not terrain-based (Map border for example).


Rumbler cannot access the boost power-up and it is instead replaced by the Super Boost, which is subject to the power-up's modifiers.


Terradrill cannot access the boost power-up, and it is instead replaced by Drill, which isn't affected by any boost modifiers.


  • Prior to an unknown version, a bug existed where the Rumbler may obtain the regular boost power-up, which functions similar to the original. This has since been patched.
  • Super Boost resembles a triplet of exhaust nozzles when on the Rumbler. These are not affected by most skins.
  • The flames appearing ahead of the power-ups will increase in intensity as more damage modifiers are applied.
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