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The Cannon is a power-up in Crash of Cars.

The Cannon has three (or four, if counting left and right side cannon as two) variants that will appear randomly; (Front Cannon, Side Cannon, and Rear Cannon). It also includes other variants on some vehicles.


When Cannon is picked up, it is mounted to the vehicle, either facing forwards, backwards, or sideways on the player's vehicle.

When used, the cannon will shoot a number of cannonballs (depending on modifier player has been used) towards the direction the cannon has faced into, damaging hostile vehicles in the way if they are not currently invincible.

Damage modifiers stack exponentially, resulting in a 15% increase over the existing enhanced value. Others stack normally.


Cannons are the most common power-ups in the game, with each variant serving different roles.

Front Cannon: This type of cannon is the most common and the easiest to use, Front Cannons are generally used for aggressive gameplay.

Side Cannon: This type of cannon is the least common and the hardest to use in terms of practicality. Side Cannons are generally used for hit-and-run tactics.

Rear Cannon: This type of cannon is less common and harder to use than Front Cannon. Rear Cannons are generally used for passive gameplay to defend against chasers from behind.

Pirate Ship Cannon

It's a combination of all the former 3 variants. It has the ability to shoot in all directions, (front, back, left, right) each direction has an individual cannon and is statistically similar to the player's own cannons and will be subject to modifiers if available. This is very common in power-up boxes and is exclusive to Pirate Ship only. Also, the first gadget the Pirate Ship picks up will always become pirate cannon, this will also replace all Cannon gadgets into Pirate Cannons.

Log Truck Cannon

The Log Truck has the ability to store a maximum of 6 pieces of wood that translates into 1 shot per wood collected, they will not be consumed until the cannon is fired. When the cannon empties it's clip, the wood shots will begin to fire and can't be refilled by cutting down more trees during firing. They are unaffected by modifiers and have a different texture.


Flurry will never receive Cannon and its variants and these are replaced by its Snowball Launcher, which will always be the first power-up it acquires after spawn.

Vehicles with Double Sided Cannons

  • Limo: It's 100% chance for the first power-up to be the double side cannon and it has an increased chance to be obtained. Both cannons are counted as individual cannons and when activated, fire simultaneously. Both cannons will face a single direction and will also be affected by cannon modifiers.
  • Dutchman: All cannon power-ups are replaced by the Dutchman's Cannons, which will also be the first power-up after spawn. These are double sided cannons equipped on both left and right sides of the vehicle. These cannons have a low rate of fire compared to all other variants, but otherwise act similar. They are affected by modifiers.


  • The Cannon is the only power-up in the game with different variants (even excluding vehicle-specific power ups). Up to 4 in total are currently available, or 7, if the special variants are counted.
    • The Log Truck is the only example where cannon rounds cannot be affected by modifiers. It's also the only vehicle to not replace any cannon power-ups, despite being specialized in cannon augments.
  • Vehicle with 6 health or more are more likely to get Rear Cannons for defensive purposes, while vehicle with 4 health are more likely to get Front or Side Cannons for offensive purposes.
  • The Double Side Cannon is the only variant that is inanimate when fired. This issue was present since Global Launch.
    • This was corrected in the Volcano Update.
  • By using the Dutchman/Pirate Ship, and equipping the cannon exclusively with ammunition quantity modifiers, a single cannon power-up can fire up 28 rounds, dealing devastating damage to whatever things caught in the storm.
    • The highest amount of rounds fired from a single cannon can be achieved with Log Truck, at 13.
  • As of the Hollows Update where Graphics of Power-Ups are improved, it's now possible to see what modifiers a cannon is using.
    • A larger clip meant that it has a Shot Increment modifier. Formerly the clip did not exist.
    • A bright-orange supercharger on the cannon meant that it has damage modifiers.
    • A green supercharger on the cannon meant that it has wall bounce modifiers.
    • The texture of shots were also changed. Formerly, a level 1 cannon will fire black shots, a level 2 cannon will fire red shots, and a level 3 or 3+ cannon fires blue shots. While shot size modifiers are always present since the game's global launch, none of the others are visible until the Hollows Update.
    • The sprite of cannonballs with damage modifiers are changed to have a bright orange sprite, as if they are supercharged.
    • The Green/Orange supercharger vials and the clips will gradually empty themselves when the cannon is fired.
  • The Cannonballs in-game are erroneously referred to as "Bullets" instead of "Rounds", unlike real-life Cannons.
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