The Car Lab is a feature available on the main menu of the game. This is the place where the player can make Fusion Cars.

The Lab can be unlocked at prestige level 10. If the player goes to check there before they reach said level the gates will be locked and a message will tell the player to check back at level 10. Once they reach to that level and after claiming their upgrade reward, they will be prompted to open the Car Lab anytime, and the gates unlock, revealing a massive lab.

Here, players can see a whole long queue of vehicles on a transporter track. None of them are revealed of their shape, nor their name before they are fused, in other words, there's only a stationary front-quarter silhouette. There is a "Fuse" button, but it will be greyed out with insufficient materials.

If the vehicle has an ability, it is displayed under the vehicle, but above the fuse button, as "????", similar to the vehicle's name.

There are four pods that act as placeholders for up to four vehicles required for fusing.

All Fusion Vehicles are unable to be upgraded. However, they all come with 2 armor in addition to their base health.

Fusing Vehicles[edit | edit source]

To make any of these cars come back to life, the player should push either "Fuse" (when greyed out) or "i", which pops out an info box about the required vehicle's name and rarity. Tapping the required vehicle will immediately jump the player to the vehicle itself.

Once a fusion vehicle is made, materials are consumed and not refunded. Players will not lose prestige, however.

The number of vehicle types and individual quantity are also listed. Any fusion vehicle will require at least two cars to at most four cars.

If the player used materials to create a fusion vehicle, after that the used vehicles will be downgraded or even removed from the player's collection depending on level and requirement. Remaining vehicle level is original vehicle level minus the required vehicle level. If a vehicle is degraded/consumed, it is still possible to upgrade/obtain it via Prize Machines. In case of hidden vehicles lost to fusion, they can be additionally obtained with the original method. In the case of a degrade, the vehicle is still usable, although it will lose some or all of it's armor.

Fusion Vehicles[edit | edit source]

There are currently 25 fusion vehicles available for construction. The list expands over time as more fusion vehicles are added to the game.

Vehicle Ability & Notes Materials required
Lowrider Occasionally shake it's body with the hydraulics

Level 5 The Extravagant

Level 7 Convertible

Level 6 Surfer

Concept Cannot be overturned Level 5 Pod Car Level 4 Phoenix
Fury High acceleration. Level 3 GT
Level 4 Hot Rod

Level 6 Sprint Car

Level 5 Duke

Super Sooper Unique smoke trail. Level 7 Hot Rod
Level 9 Sooper

Level 9 Muscle

Party Car Creates party music when it destroys a vehicle. Level 4 Earn to Die Truck
Level 4 London Bus

Level 5 Neon,

Level 7 Hulker

Banana Split Plays the Chime of I Scream when it destroys a vehicle. Level 7 Banana
Level 4 Peanut Car

Level 5 Donut

Level 5 Ice Cream

Helicopter Can fly over walls and remain above water for 8 seconds. Level 2 Monster
Level 6 Spinner

Level 7 Panther

Level 5 Hovercraft

Mini Tank Has 50% damage resistance against collisions. Level 3 Tank
Level 5 Bumper Car

Level 9 ATV

Grand Veloce Extreme speed and stability. Level 7 Phoenix
Level 6 Classic Racer

Level 2 Speed

Level 2 Rumbler

Vampire Loses health over time unless health is at 1 or less,

Steals health when ramming into any other vehicle.

Level 3 Ambulance
Level 4 Donut

Level 7 The Classic

Level 7 SpooOoky

War Machine Heavy knock-back applied to any vehicle that had physical contact with it from all directions. Level 1 Tank
Level 5 War Car

Level 5 War Wagon

Level 5 Battering Ram

Plasma Bike Leaves a plasma trail that knocks back and damage enemies. Inflicts reduced self-damage. Level 3 Trailblaze
Level 6 Lean

Level 7 Pod Car

Level 4 Retro Wave

Bomb Bot Pick up landmines and barrels, then release them upon collision Level 4 Forklift
Level 4 Minesweeper

Level 9 Troop Truck

Babushcar General performance enhances as health deteriorates and vice versa. Level 7 Earn to Die Truck
Level 9 Declan's Car

Level 9 Totem

Level 9 Fairway

Bomber Plane Able to fly for 4 seconds with high aerial velocity. While flying, drops bombs to ground. Level 6 Hearse
Level 2 SWAT Van

Level 3 Plane

Level 2 Missile Truck

Inferno Has a built-in frontal flamethrower that works like a level 1 Flamethrower. Activates when running over trees or Oil. Flamethrower duration cannot be extended and cannot be extinguished without the vehicle being destroyed/expires on it's own. Level 7 Hot Rod
Level 5 War Car

Level 3 Fire Truck

Level 4 Dragon

Monster Bus Essentially an upgraded version of the Monster with higher mobility and retains the wall-climbing abilities from the original counterpart. Level 9 School Bus
Level 3 Sand Buggy

Level 3 Monster

Level 7 Life Guard

Train When travelling in a straight line, gains a gradual increment in speed and ramming power. Turning over 45 degrees will reset the bonus velocity and damage. Level 3 Time Machine
Level 2 Rumbler

Level 5 Royal Wagon

Level 4 Toboggan

Speedboat High top speed and can hover above water for 10 seconds. Lever 7 Fortune Boat
Level 2 Speed

Level 3 Hovercraft

Level 7 1950 Racer

Dutchman Equipped with double cannons like the Limo on both port and starboard.

Teleports between water areas.

Level 3 Pirate Ship
Level 1 Submarine

Level 7 SpooOoky

Level 5 Limo

Quantum Activates a crown magnet for a short duration upon getting a kill. Level 7 GravityLevel 7 Gyrosphere

Level 5 Janitor

Level 3 Sparkie

ND-D1 Handbraking causes the vehicle to enter a state of adjustable drift.

Level 3 Wind Up
Level 9 Wheel

Level 7 Street Drifter

Level 7 GT

Hog Reversing the vehicle results in a brief boost period for up to 5 seconds. Level 7 Triple
Level 6 Sport

Level 3 Trailblaze

Level 1 Wind Up

Citadel Deploys up to two stationary sentry turrets that does 1.3 DPS to an enemy. Level 2 Cardboard
Level 5 Vulcan

Level 5 Flow

Level 5 Polar

Nuclear Deploys a large homing missile that deals 1.25 AoE damage on enemies near the vicinity of the missile. Level 7 Garbage Truck
Level 5 Missile Truck

Level 6 Twinkle

Level 4 Forklift

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Car Lab was added in the Mansion Update.
  • Not all vehicles can be fused at level 10 since some require prestige vehicles unlocked way after level 10, not to mention that unlocking them would bring a player way past level 10. Party Car and Plasma Bike are examples.
  • The Hot Rod was the most used material vehicle, as it is used in three recipes.
  • If a vehicle is consumed, you cannot use it anymore, but strangely, on the vehicle selection screen, they will still be rotated constantly, as if it's unlocked.
    • After restarting the game, the vehicle is now correctly displayed as locked.
    • Re-unlocking a vehicle earns the player the same prestige as when they upgrade a vehicle of that rarity. This re-unlocking will ignore other types of unlocking, such as you can get back the Retro Wave with a Prize Machine. You will also gain double prestige of unlocking a vehicle of that rarity.
  • Obviously, fusion vehicles will have references to the material cars that made them in terms of attributes even if cosmetic. For example, Concept has the speed and stability of Phoenix, but also the futuristic shape of Pod Car without wheels. Mini Tank has the damage reduction of Tank and the handling of both ATV and Bumper Car, but the slow speed of Tank is passed onto it as well.
  • The Concept is the vehicle that requires the least amount of vehicles to fuse (Phoenix and Pod Car), as well as the only vehicle that requires vehicles from a single rarity.
  • Upon starting a fusion, it's silhouette would vanish.
  • After fusing a vehicle, a chime is always played.
  • When an update introduces a Fusion vehicle, it will most likely require a new vehicle from the same update.

Bugs and Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to a certain update, the info display does not hide Hidden Vehicles, even if they are not unlocked yet. It does properly hide certain locked event vehicles, however.
    • In the case of the vehicle being concealed in a gift box, the pod will also display a gift box. The sprite will update if the vehicle was unlocked.
  • If the player selects a vehicle beforehand, and they didn't select any other vehicle, after said vehicle is consumed when fusing a vehicle, if the player heads to the game's menu, they will discover that in place of the vehicle, the "random" choice' sprite occupies the spot instead.
    • Sometimes, the player is actually able to play with the "Locked" vehicle if they hit the play button while the locked vehicle in question is selected. It will not have any armor, just like a level 1 vehicle. Restarting the game will not reset the glitch. It can be fixed by simply changing your current vehicle, in which case you can no longer use the locked vehicle.
  • Some players have found a glitch involving the use of the Prize Machine and then quickly scrolling down to the Car Lab. With this glitch, they are able to unlock or level up certain fusion material vehicles. This is useful to unlock some otherwise unobtainable vehicles (such as the Janitor after its event has ended), provided if one has enough gems.
    • If the glitch above was done with a maxed vehicle selected by the prize machine, the vehicle selected from the Car Lab can be played, but will be displayed as locked.
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