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The Blocking Policy is incorporated into this document by reference and also made part of these rules.

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  1. No profanity.
  2. No advertising.
  3. No chain messaging. There is zero tolerance for this.
  4. Strictly no discussions pertaining to religious, racial, sexual or political issues. Permanent block if discovered.
  5. No inappropriate content. Permanent block if discovered.
  6. Strictly no information that does not relate to Crash of Cars, except on your user page. If you make fanon, do not create any articles on it.
  7. Hacking & modding are offenses punishable by permanent blocks.
  8. Due to its status as a pirated game, details from the Chinese copycat (a.k.a 欢乐赛车大战) are not allowed on this wiki.
  9. No spamming or vandalizing any page.
  10. Do not bring issues from another wiki to this one. This will be treated as wiki disruption and will be handled accordingly.
  11. English only, unless it must have something to do with translation like listing a vehicle's international names or anything like that.
  12. No threatening, bashing or harassing users. If there is a personal dispute, keep it off this wiki.
  13. Do not use multiple accounts to bypass a restriction placed on your account/s. Violation of this provision will result in a permanent block of the other account/s and potential punishment increases on your main account.
  14. Do not impersonate other users, especially our Wiki Team. This could result in a permanent block and the user will sometimes be reported to Wikia Staff.
  15. No trolling. We don't feed trolls, we ban them. Acts of trolling include but may not be necessarily limited to: Lack of civility, throwing tantrums......
  16. Do not be a negative influence on the wiki by disrupting the community or site administrators. Sanctions will be issued for violations of this provision.
  17. Do not attempt to bypass these rules or the spirit of these rules. Individual administrators will make determinations of whether an act is violating the spirit of these rules (appeals may be allowed to the administrator team if backed by valid reasoning). Violation of this provision will result in sanctions


  1. Vandalism is absolutely not allowed and will be reverted if possible. Vandalism is defined as "behaviour that deliberately is intended to obstruct or defeat the purpose of this wiki: to have a knowledge base for all of Crash of Cars"
  2. Do not remove large amounts of content from pages. If you want to undo vandalism or a change, just visit the page's history and use "undo". If you do not know how to do this or if there is too much content to be removed, then contact an administrator to determine what should happen.
  3. Each article should have at least one citation (source). If it does not have a source, it must actually exist in the game or be approved by an administrator. If not, it may be deleted without notice.
  4. Do not add unrelated images to any article. If that happens the image(s) will be removed by an administrator.
  5. No inappropriate content in pages. Any content that contains inappropriate material will be deleted immediately, and will result in a permanent block instantly.
  6. If you get into a conflict of opinions, do not try to impose your view - notify an administrator to see if the issue can be mediated.
  7. Make sure you use proper English, or at least make other users understand what you are trying to write. Other languages are disallowed and may result in guidance or an appropriate sanction.
  8. Do not use article pages as a chat page. This will be treated as vandalism by administrators and an appropriate sanction may be issued.
  9. Do not add unneeded or similar categories to a page. Do not add categories to an article unless the page does belong to those categories.
  10. Edit warring is not allowed. Bureaucrats, admins and content moderators may sometimes message the user when this occurs and mandate negotiation in order to cooperate with the wiki's standards and demands. If negotiation fails or severity is too high, admins and bureaucrats have the right to issue a sanction without notice.
  11. Trivia is a small collection of MISCELLANEOUS details relevant to the page but not important to the article itself. It should be kept clear and concise.