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The Dutchman is Fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Thousands of vengeful cannonballs can be fired from a single spirit, and yet it carries on eternally without fading.


Dutchman is a hovering wooden ship with brown plants forming the majority of its structure. Its bow is relatively sharp, and is separated into its lower spiked jaw and top deck. Two anchors dangle right beside them. Its sides contain two grated portholes each, where the cannons emerge when they are equipped. Most of the ship's frames are covered in black, metallic outlines. The stern contains the crew quarters with two smaller windows on the sides and a single large one on the backend. The roof protrudes slightly and has a smaller passage supported by metal beams with another stretching across the ship horizontally, while atop of the crew cabin is one of its light-brown wooden masts. The bow mast is between the two horizontal metal beams. Both masts are tied to each other with the front attaching itself to the bow, all with white tethers. Between the cannon portholes, a total of four metal beams stretch vertically across. Closer to the upper deck are vague signs of black scorch marks. The crew cabin windows glow green, while spectral mists of the same color form the sail and seep from the bow. When moving, it also drags a unique spectral trail.

Special Attributes

Dutchman's cannon power-ups are replaced by the Dutchman's Cannon, which functions similar to the Limo's double side cannons but covers both directions. Their fire rate is lower than every other cannon variant, and they are affected by normal cannon modifiers.

It will always obtain the Dutchman's Cannon as its first power-up after spawn.

Its teleportation ability is identical to the Submarine, although it has a 16-second cool down between uses.


Dutchman is quite a unique vehicle. It's base stats are horrible, similar to the Pirate Ship, and it loses it's defensive capabilities in exchange for more offensive output. The poor stats prevent pursuits and the slow fire rate of the cannons cannot catch enemies that could easily dodge them. However, they have slightly smaller spacing than the Limo, increasing the chance of damaging enemies. This makes it quite powerful against larger vehicles as precisely-timed bursts, despite the low fire rate, can easily take out most of them if they don't have some sort of invincibility. As for the Teleportation ability, it should not be used too often just in case one needs it to escape.



  • The Dutchman is a reference to The Flying Dutchman, a mythical floating ship that was cursed to sail the oceans forever.
    • Furthermore, many portrayals to the Flying Dutchman are either included as Halloween Symbols, or as a Pirate Ship. Both are referenced in Crash of Cars as Dutchman is made from a Pirate Ship and is released in the Halloween-themed Dungeon Update.
    • Its cannons' arrangement also matches with that of real pirate ships, where multiple cannons are mounted on the sides, but none at the bow or stern.
    • The bow's appearance based on its appearance in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Before the Atlantis Update, Not Doppler released a poll for which new Fusion Car to be added in the update. The two competitors are the Train and the Dutchman. By then, both were not known by their actual names and no actual number of fusion requirements were revealed. Train (Royal Wagon + Time Machine + Rumbler + Toboggan) ended up winning the Poll at by 57% and was added to the Game. The formula for the other vehicle was slightly changed and added to the game as the Dutchman.
  • Dutchman is the first fusion vehicle with an exclusive power-up.

Bugs and Glitches

  • Due to a bug, Dutchman's model was identical to the Pirate Ship.
    • However, the propulsion nozzles do not emit flames. The rear exhaust also drags a spectral trail similar to SpooOoky, but is green and black, instead of white. The Pirate Ship also drags a different black smoke trail instead.
  • The ability recharge bar is bugged and is permanently displayed regardless of the teleport ability's availability.

Changes in Updates

  • Dutchman was added in the Dungeon Update.
  • A week after release, Dutchman's model was updated to its current appearance.
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