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The Earn to Die franchise is a series of games published by Not Doppler.


Originally created by Russian independent studio, Toffee Games, the series began as a web flash featuring three vehicles in 2012. The game was a popular hit with positive reception, prompting Not Doppler to expand the franchise, resulting in the creation of the original Earn to Die.

Earn To Die 2 was published in 2015

Earn to Die 3 was published in around 2017-2018.


In EtD, players take control of a vehicle and progress in the apocalyptic wastelands. The goal is to make it as far as possible, earn funds, and then spend them on upgrades for the next run to be more profitable until after reaching a checkpoint.

In the original EtD, there are limited maps where vehicles must be unlocked via purchasing with funds. The vehicles are invincible and can be equipped with various upgrades such as fuel tank expansions, boosters, and even roof-mounted weapons that automatically attack zombies.

In EtD 2, gameplay is generally unchanged though upgrade progressions can no longer be skipped, forcing them to be purchased in sequence like the fuel/weapon/booster upgrades in the past. The player's vehicle is also damageable and may break in absurd fashions. If the engine catches fire, they will be unable to continue moving on regardless of their remaining fuel. New upgrade categories, such as weight redistribution, have been introduced. Names for individual upgrades are completely eliminated, being replaced by the category name instead. Unlike the first game, vehicles are unlocked after completing a region, which is divided into multiple checkpoints, and older vehicles will be automatically disqualified upon arriving at the ultimate checkpoint.

In EtD 3, the game has received a vast overhaul. The player now has infinite fuel in both their vehicle and their boosters (the latter will always recharge on it's own when not in use and can overheat if applied excessively). Maps are now endless, with the player being constantly chased by zombie motorists in massive trucks, motorcycles, all armed with homing rockets. The more progress they make, the better vehicles they can find. A few upgrade categories have been eliminated and in place, the vehicles already come heavily clad in armor. The removed categories can still be accessed in a different fashion, however.

References in CoC

Being a commercial success, many of EtD's elements were subtly hinted in CoC.


Although none of EtD's vehicles are properly named (save for the flash version's exception and the EtD3 ones, which are not referenced in COC) and may have varying appearances, they, or at least their model, closely resemble certain vehicles in CoC, with some even sharing the same real-life counterpart. The following is a list of vehicles that returned in CoC.

EtD Vehicle CoC Vehicle Appearances
Small Hatchback (Flash Version name) Bug EtD
Old Good Pickup (Flash Version name) Pickup Truck EtD
HUMVEE (Conjectural name) Missile Truck EtD
School Bus (Conjectural name) School Bus EtD
Super Cool Truck (Flash Version name) Earn to Die Truck EtD
Fire Truck Fire Truck EtD (Flash Version Only), EtD2
Patrol Car (Conjectural name) Police Car EtD2
Hippie Bus (Conjectural name) Happy Bus EtD
Lamborghini (Conjectural name) Griffinelli EtD2
Ice Cream Van (Conjectural name) Ice Cream EtD2
Rally Car (Conjectural name) Rally EtD2
SUV (Conjectural name) Lifeguard, SUV EtD2
Mining Truck Tipper EtD2


In all three games, each vehicle can be equipped with a roof-mounted ballistic weapon with limited ammunition, as well as a front-mounted cutting melee weapon. The original purpose for them is to knock down zombies so they will not bump into the player's vehicle and slow them down or even damage them in later games. This may have inspired two power-ups in CoC, namely the Cannon, a ranged engagement weapon and Spikes, a melee weapon that damages and knocks away vehicles.



  • So far, the Earn To Die Truck is the only explicit reference vehicle featured in both games. All others are either subtle retroactive references from the future or homage to existing counterparts.
  • Earn to Die 2 is the only game published by Not Doppler on PC as a standalone game.

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