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The Festive Sleigh is Common vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Racks up fun and chaos in the middle of Christmas.


The vehicle is based on Santa's Sleigh which has presents on the back, a red headlight in the front resembling a Reindeer's glowing nose, and some propulsion boosters on the back that helps its movement.

Special Properties

The Festive Sleigh is an exclusive vehicle and doesn't appear outside of Festive Events. It is used in these events to achieve their specific goals.

It has a life mechanic:

  • Starting a game with it will reduce the counter by one.
    • When the player runs out of lives, they can no longer use the Sleigh.
  • Life counter refills every one hour, with a maximum of three.
    • It is possible to overflow this counter by purchasing lives with gems or by watching ads.

It can only be used in Crown Mode.


As a 6-health vehicle, it has a surprisingly high top speed, allowing it to slowly outrun some vehicles on a straight line. This can prove to be handy during unarmed chases where a vehicle is being chased by one or more enemies, but none of them have any gadgets. However, it fails to make turns quickly and may be easily taken out due to the slow turn rate and the wide radius. It does have a small profile, roughly on par with The Extravagant, but is wider and is easy to hit with anything. Note that since it's acceleration is also poor, it's very hard or impossible to overcome an enemy that had pinned you in a corner. This vehicle, while usually played as a passive vehicle, is very obvious to spot and many players are very likely to target it, and therefore it's a good idea to keep the collection in an offline session with bots only, and change the modifiers of the power-ups to that of a passive-play configuration. This matters the most when trying to rack up crowns or gathering other resources, as attracting other vehicles' attention can be potentially detrimental. Aggressive strategies are not impossible and may be the most effective way in seizing ornaments, on top of looting crowns. Do not combine these strategies, however, as their effectiveness will be drastically reduced.


  • The Festive Sleigh is the only limited-time edition vehicle in the entire game, as it is exclusive to its tied events.
    • Because it is temporary, it does not have a car quest.
    • Skins cannot be applied on this vehicle.
    • Due to a glitch caused by having no WiFi the Festive Sleigh still may appear in the garage on some devices however this seems to only be available in older versions.
    • As it is provided for free with events, Festive Sleigh is also the only vehicle that can be obtained without spending currency, fusing vehicles in the Car Lab, or fulfilling other specific conditions.
  • It cannot be upgraded, which makes it the only non-fusion vehicle with such attribute.
  • Its front light is red, which references the red noses of reindeers pulling Santa's Sleigh.
  • The Festive Sleigh is the only vehicle returning to loading screens, with a total of four appearences.

Bugs and Glitches

  • In the initial version of the 2017 Winterland Update, if the player uses the Prize Machine, it will sometimes show the Fusion Vehicle with the Festive Sleigh name at Level 0. If this happens, the armor of the chosen Fusion Car will be removed. This has since been fixed in a patch.
  • Despite the game claiming that the Sleigh is only available in Crown Mode, it can be used in any mode. A Facebook-connected player could still join their friends in other game modes with it.
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