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The Fire Truck is an Epic vehicle in Crash of Cars.

It pays to have elusive sentinels against the heat wave......


Fire Truck is a large vehicle with a mostly rectangular body. Its windows, wheel arches and undercarriage are black. Its grates, monitor turret body, and its rear steps are grey. The cab's upper portions and most of the middle sections are white. Its body is mostly colored in red, which includes a small portion of the middle section, the bottom half of the front, and all of the rear section. The front features a large vertical grille, with two front lights distributed to each side. Various pieces of grey firefighting accessories are attached to the middle with two ladders stretching to the backside too. Its wheel arches cover the wheels' width. On the back there are two small orange lights and a large, grey hatch at the bottom. Two smaller hatches are just ahead of the rear wheels. Sides of the back section visibly protrude slightly from the vehicle. On top there are two elevated barriers on the side of the monitor, which has a grey base and a yellow nozzle, both capable of rotation, firing streams of blue liquid when the ability comes into play. Ahead are two grey bars and a white skylight outlined in grey. At the very front there is a light bar of two orange section with a light silver beam in the middle.

Special Properties

Fire Truck can destroy flamethrowers within its range. When a suitable target enters, Fire Truck's monitor aims to it, and starts to launch blue water particles at it. After a second of continuous spraying, the flamethrower will stop doing damage and vanish. This ability is single-target.

If the target gets out of range or drops the flamethrower manually before the effect occurs in any way, Fire Truck will instead target the dropped flamethrower, if possible.


The Fire Truck is a heavy vehicle, and it's not very good in conventional firefights, so avoiding that is very helpful. Although it the top speed is decent for a vehicle of it's size, the slow acceleration and large profile nullifies this advantage.

Its ability, however, is another story. It covers Fire Truck's speed disadvantage somewhat by outright removing them. It also counters the Dragon heavily, as the latter's ability is heavily dependent on the flamethrower.

Do not use it in Waterpark, as there are plenty of water faucets, which makes Fire Truck's ability unnecessary.

Bear in mind that the Fire Truck does not target Inferno's integrated flamethrower, and it is able to take damage from all flamethrowers, so one may have to keep their distance to get the best out of the ability.



  • The Fire Truck is based on the Pierce-Arrow XT.
    • The name "Fire Truck", however, is unspecific, as it is an umbrella term for any truck operated by a fire department. A more accurate term would be "Water Tender", seeing that its speciality lies in its mounted monitor.
  • Upon extinguishing a Flamethrower, audio reminiscent of water vaporization is heard and a cloud of steam forms above it, though the dropped flamethrower plays its regular expiry animation instead.
  • Every time when the Fire Truck detects a flamethrower or destroys a vehicle, it plays a siren.

Bugs and Glitches

  • The Fire Truck had a bug where it can extinguish flamethrowers mounted on itself, which effectively denied it usage of said power-up.
    • This was fixed in the Castle Update.

Changes in Updates

  • The Fire Truck was introduced in the game's Global Launch.
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