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The Flamethrower is a power up in Crash of Cars. Lacking utility, it finds its true designation in close quarters that few can ever replace.


The flamethrower is mounted on vehicle's roof when picked up.

When used, it sprays flames in a short arc, dealing continuous damage in an area. It has a base duration of 7 seconds.

The player may also drop the flamethrower to the ground before it expires, damaging any vehicles passing through it. When dropped, the Flamethrower will instead expire after 4 seconds.

The duration modifiers only add one second each instead of 3, and they have no effect on the dropped flamethrower. All others stack normally.

Fire Truck

The Fire Truck will automatically use its monitor to take out flamethrowers. This process takes around a second, after which the flamethrower stops dealing damage and disappears. It still takes normal damage from flamethrowers.


The Dragon's first power up acquired after spawn is always a Flamethrower, which is renamed as Dragon's Breath, sharing all modifiers with the standard version. Additionally, the frontal AOE will be greatly extended to three times the original.

The range extension does not affect the dropped flamethrower.



The Flamethrower is a very deadly weapon due to it's high damage potential. Though incapable of delivering hits from distance, it's ability to inflict continuous, uninterrupted damage and the lack of any aiming requirement as well as projectile inaccuracy makes it powerful against anything in it's reach.

The range issue cannot be compensated easily, as it requires a fast and agile vehicle with high acceleration in order to catch up with most opponents. Therefore, it is often used aggressively in pursuits to close on and quickly defeat opponents. Vehicles like Mechamorph are the most suitable with this purpose. Alternatively, the Dragon's greatly increased reach can cover a much larger area, which should also compensate the problem, though the bonus only applies to the frontal flamethrower.

Shadow is an example of a great combo, as it is a moderately fast and agile vehicle. It comes with the ability to disable shields, which significantly increases its effectiveness.

Generally, it's good idea to use the rear flame for defensive purposes, making it dangerous for other enemies to sneak up from behind. If one wishes not to use the flamethrower as an offensive weapon, however, they should equip directional modifiers for more defense. Beware of Knock-back capable abilities, however, as this may cause the targets to be kicked out of range, reducing it's damage potential. Time modifiers are better off for chip damage as the power-up has a short duration.


Countering the flamethrower is not easy without being in the Water Park or with the Fire Truck, which are the only surefire ways to neutralize them. Without invincibility, it spells certain doom for slower vehicles as it burns through them rapidly.

Most of the time, the flamethrower's short reach is also it's bane. If the chaser is slowed down, delayed, or otherwise disabled, it becomes useless. Vehicles like the War Machine could buy a lot of time, though this requires sufficient health to pull off and depending on various other factors, it may or may not be possible. Alternatively, some quick turns and twists may also disorient the user. If the opponent is slow, they could be outran with faster vehicles. Oil, Rear Cannon and Landmines are able to easily stop if not defeat pursuers approaching from behind, while Spread Cannon and Front Cannon threatens them with a one-on-one trade. Spikes can also knock them away. The shield can also be an effective counter as its duration is similar to that of the flamethrower at base, though there's Shadow to worry about.


  • Along with the Spikes, the Flamethrower is one of only two power-ups that can be ejected while used.
  • If flamethrower was ejected when used, it will explode when it vanishes. This effect is cosmetic.
    • This occurs even if destroyed by Fire Truck's ability.
  • A promotional image shows a Rumbler using the Super Boost AND a Flamethrower at once, which is impossible in-game.
  • When mounted on a vehicle, it will undergo a brief spin animation. If activated during this period, it will be able to briefly damage enemies around the vehicle. This glitch may cause it's range to be greatly increased.
  • Inferno's ability is identical to a level 1 Flamethrower without modifiers.
  • Flamethrower does not deal extra damage to Oiler, nor does it affect oil puddles. In real life, oil is an extremely flammable substance and will easily ignite when exposed to heat, while it's vapor can even cause an explosion.
  • Falling into water will not cause the flamethrower to be disabled. In fact, unlike Landmines and Oil, when dropped onto water the flamethrower will stay there until it's duration ends.
  • Unlike the Cannon, Spread Cannon and Spikes, it's damage modifiers scale up properly as they only multiply by the base value instead of the increased values. Therefore, with all possible damage modifiers the flamethrower does 175% damage compared to without them.
  • Another earlier Promotional Image shows a Muscle using the Flamethrower. This also used to be a game icon.
  • Just like Spike, a bar in front of the damage area will slowly shrink, and when it depletes the flamethrower expires. This was not the case prior to the Hollows Update, however.
  • The Hollows Update added some additional visualizations for flamethrower's modifiers as well as for various other power-ups.
    • With 3 damage modifiers, the flame is blue. Two will have an yellow and blue, and one will mean a red-orange flame. If there are none, it will be a crimson flame.
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