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The Log Truck is an Epic vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Swipe and destroy, they say. It's a double-entendre!


The Log Truck is a flatbed divided into two sections. Its cab is green with matte-black tinted windows, and two rear-view mirrors are mounted on the side. The front-quarter panels have some straight edges while a small protrusion is present on the engine hood. The grille stretches horizontally across the engine with two lights at the corner and below it is a black bumper. The front wheel arches are likewise also matte black, as well as the side steps. The back is a mainly uncovered black cargo compartment with six brown wood pieces placed inside. Near the cab is an orange arm with black screws fastening its 2 sections and the steel-colored circular saw. The arm is mounted on a black slot, and whet it is processing logs, the timber is shredded and pushed through an orange chute attached just between it and the cab. The outer frames of the compartment were black barred fences while the logs lie on right-triangular reinforcements. The back of the bed is uncovered, although there are two mud flaps guarding the rear wheels. Two small silver tanks are mounted symmetrically to the vehicle's bottom in the middle section, right below the arm and the delivery chute.

Special Properties

The Log Truck can store up to 6 pieces of timber by destroying map obstacles that are considered as trees. If it collects Cannon variant, it consumes all wood pieces to continue firing after all the original rounds have been depleted. These projectiles' properties are similar to regular cannon rounds without any modifiers. Only timber collected before the cannon fires will be registered.


The Log Truck has an offensive advantage when acquiring a cannon, as the mass capacity of wood that can be gained could add up to 6 additional bullets. This is useful in tight situations such as mowing down a group of clashing cars or chasing other enemies. Avoid any close-encounter with other cars as the slightly bulky profile of the Log Truck allows it to sometimes get hit and could end up turning into a bad situation if encountering an enemy with a high top speed using spikes or flamethrowers. Thus, Log Truck does best in maps that have a lot of trees in them such as Jungle, Gorge and Narrow.

Unfortunately, avoiding said contact is better said than done due to Log Truck's average mobility and large profile, making it easily destroyed when enemies get too close. This, in conjunction with the fact that wood augments can be wasted on unwanted cannon variants (such as receiving a Front Cannon while being pursued) results in many viewing the ability as being unreliable, as well as viewing Log Truck as one of the worst Epic vehicles, although some argue that it is more viable than the Oiler in general.



  • The Log Truck is based on a modified ZIL-131 truck.
  • There is no delivery mechanism for the wooden rounds. They simply teleport to the cannon and are launched out normally.
    • It also appears to process timber at absurdly high speeds.
  • Although the Log Truck is filled with timber in the garage, it always appears empty in the field upon spawn.
    • Skins do affect the appearance of the logs.
  • Some limited-time promotion images of the Log Truck (Upcoming Vehicle Icon at the bottom right) depicts it with a ramp extending from the right side, just opposite to the circular saw arm. The ramp is absent in-game.
    • This may be a pre-release design.

Bugs and Glitches

  • Due to a bug, Log Truck remained as an upcoming vehicle for nine months straight. Most other upcoming epic vehicles are often obtainable from the Prize Machine after two updates, while it took 3.

Changes in Updates

  • The Log Truck was introduced in the Facility Update as an Upcoming Vehicle.
    • It also appeared on the update's loading screen along with Coffee Cup and Hearse.
  • After the Volcano Update, Log Truck can be obtained from Prize Machines.
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