The Minesweeper is an Epic vehicle in Crash of Cars.

A sluggish chubby that stomps over some of the most terrifying nightmares.



Special Properties

The Minesweeper is immune to the following explosive sources:


Minesweeper's ability provides valuable utility due to the extreme lethality of landmines in pursuits where even the best of all players cannot avoid nasty surprises. The same can also be applied to the Forklift and the RC Van. Explosive Barrels are not significantly altered, although the vehicle itself does gain benefits due to its size, which, without the ability, would have significantly increased its vulnerability to them instead.

Practically, however, Minesweeper's abilities are tricky to utilize. As with all heavy vehicles, its acceleration and top speed prevents it from being a good pursuit vehicle, and the massive hit box can easily attract much fire. Surprisingly, its handling is quite the superior, on par with smaller vehicles, which one can make use with the low velocity to execute tight turns. In the end, though, it is not designated to be fully offensive.

Ideally, it is best versus landmines. Outside of pursuits, they are deployed as a form area denial, heavily punishing those who attempt to bypass them. However, the Minesweeper can simply plow through them and surprise the opponent. This works especially well versus Landmine users who sacrificed their quantity for explosive duration in hopes of decimating an unaware vehicle, as they will be quickly neutralized, wasting their benefits and can be potentially disruptive to gameplay.

For the most part, Minesweepers should definitely stay away from other vehicles - Everyone can be wary of its ability, so take them out at the unexpected moment.



  • It was based on a variant of the Cougar and in particular, the Cougar H Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle.
    • However, real-life MRAP vehicles usually needs to destroy mines from a distance using chain flails. its armor is just a safety precaution to defend its crew from the blast.
    • The resistance against various other explosives might be a reference to the fact that many modern armored vehicles have anti-IED (Acronym for Improvised Explosive Device, the RC Van's ability being an example) equipment.
  • The Minesweeper and the Polar are the largest non-fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.
    • The in-game Minesweeper is noticeably oversized. A Cougar should occupy just slightly more room than a HUMVEE (the Missile Truck in-game). Additionally, some Cougars are also equipped with weapon turrets for defense, which the in-game Minesweeper lacks.
  • The Minesweeper is the first vehicle that has immunity against certain kinds of power-ups, followed by the Energy Car and the Bomb Bot.
  • The Minesweeper was the only vehicle with that can counter another vehicle's special ability (in this case. Forklift's super barrel and RC Van's explosive RC Car, respectively).
    • While it's reasonable to say Fire Truck counters Dragon, the Dragon's ability is power-up based, which puts it out of the area of non-power-up abilities - Abilities that can activate without any intervention by power-ups.
  • Ironically, Minesweeper's ability doesn't apply to mines or barrels from Bomb Bot, as the game coding treats such explosives as a projectiles, not landmine-type weapons.
    • Minesweeper is also not resistant to the Trebuchet's explosion for the same reason.
  • For the vehicle quest, both the mines and the barrels add to the same counter for balancing reasons.

Changes in Updates

  • The Minesweeper was introduced in the 2017 Winterland Update.
  • After the Hypergrid Update, Minesweeper can be obtained from Prize Machines.
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