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The Phantom is Common vehicle in Crash of Cars.

The infamous terror itself assumes quite an aggressive form with impressive features.



In both methods, if the player's vehicle is destroyed, they must start all over again, apart from the renaming part. Both methods require any car, and changing the player in-game name into "Gorge" (regardless of capitals or lowercases). When either of the steps are followed, the cut-scene plays.



Change your name to "Gorge". While in the Mansion, reach the library room, then scan the paintings on the right wall. Eventually, one will find a painting that bears some resemblance to the map Gorge. There will also be a sofa and a globe near it. Ram the painting's location and stay there. After a short stop, a portal opens up and drags the vehicle in.


Change your name to "Gorge". The Mega/Ultra Phantom must be defeated once by the player in the current session. Beating the boss directly is not required (another player killing it also counts), but surviving through the fight is mandatory.. After that, a Black Hole power-up must be obtained, then fired to the rubble with the gorge painting on it. The specific location is near the stairs, which is in turn on the South-East corner of the map. As the Black Hole implodes on the painting, the screen fades to white.

The cut-scene

The game enters a loading screen and says "Loading the spirit of Gorge". Afterwards, a thicket of trees were pushed aside as the camera zooms in onto the rock skull formation in Gorge while the latter emits ghastly green light. The skull opens and Phantom appears, stopping after making a brief left turn. A lightning bolt flashes twice in the background as this occurs, after which they remain and the scene is permanently illuminated.


Phantom is a matte black vehicle with dark-tinted windows. Its engine compartment creaks open slightly. The arrangement of the engine grate and front lights as well as the bumper resembles a monster face. Its entire engine compartment is slightly elevated. There exist 2 pipelines that run from the hood past the body until they end with two large exhausts. The vehicle also has an elevated suspension, due to its smaller wheel arches. The bottom is circled by white strips of metal. Ghastly ectoplasm clouds seep out from the crack in the front, as well as from the two points on the vehicle's exhausts.


The Phantom had rather outstanding handling, almost evenly matched with the Street Drifter, allowing it to drifting and doing sharp turns with handbrake mode. However, it had lower acceleration and wider profile than Street Drifter, which mean that defensive and passive strategies are recommended.


Real-Life Counterpart



  • The Phantom is based on a customized Lincoln Continental Mark III which was featured in the 1971 American horror movie, The Car. The film revolves around the protagonists fighting against said autonomous vehicle.
    • The word "Phantom" usually refers to spirits or ghosts, which is also another reference to The Car.
  • After the portal sucks the player's vehicle in, there's a loading screen saying "Loading The Spirit of Gorge". This is a reference to the famed Hollywood car customizer, George Barris, who in turn designed the vehicle featured in The Car.
  • Phantom was added in the 2017 Mansion Update.

Changes in Updates

  • After the Hollows Update in 2018, the Phantom becomes temporarily unobtainable due to Mansion's removal. It remained as so until Dungeon was added in 2019, but the hint was not given until in 2020 late June. Mansion was later added back in 2020, though only briefly.
    • This makes the Phantom the only hidden vehicle so far that has two methods to obtain, albeit in different updates.
    • It is the third hidden vehicle to be unlockable again after a new update, the others being the Snowmobile and UFO.
  • The Dungeon Update introduced the Mega Phantom and the Ultra Phantom, enemy NPC Vehicles which can spawn in the Dungeon's arena to fashion a multiplayer boss fight. These vehicles are essentially re-sized Phantoms with extremely high health, improved general stats, and access to unique power-ups. Defeating these vehicles enough times will grant a Phantom-esque badge, which depicts a Winged Phantom.
    • This makes Phantom the first vehicle to be featured in a badge.

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