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The Plane is Legendary vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Take it to the skies and nothing can stop it.


The plane is an orange single-prop aircraft. Its cockpit has matte-black tinted glass, streamlined to the back but not ahead. main wings were colored white in the middle. The rotor blades are mostly black, with a yellow-silver nose and additional yellow stripes in each blade. Behind the rotor blades are two sets of three silver exhaust pipes attached to the engine with red nozzles. Below the fuselage are its landing gears, consisting of two black wheels partially encased by orange housings.

Special Properties

The Plane can fly up to 8 seconds after dropping off from ledges or hovering in mid-air for one second. During flight, handling is weakened while top speed is enhanced, and an enforced flight interval is absent, meaning that it can take off almost immediately after it lands. Insufficient airspeed (or certain terrain differences in specific maps) will still cause it to stall, resetting the flight duration after touching the ground.

Entering flight will cause the vehicle to levitate. A circle made of white rectangles will also be displayed, with its center being highlighted by another circle that serves as the intersection between another dotted line leading to the center of the vehicle. A white bar partially encases it and gradually decreases while the plane is in flight. This overlay feature disappears after the plane lands while the bar will no longer display itself as soon as the plane starts descending. Other players will not see the recharge bar but the rest are visible to them.


While on land, the Plane is a cumbersome vehicle. its lousy handling and its wings often cause trouble when being chased, as the Plane can get stuck and be hit easily. it is advised to avoid fighting with other players and instead obtain some weapons (Cannon, Flamethrower, or Homing Missile) and find ledges or ramps to take off.

While flying, its speed is increased while its handling worsened thus making the Plane is excel at hit-and-run tactics, as it are able to hit an enemies while not being harmed (Homing Missile and oddly the Flamethrower are still able to damage it, however). Unlike the Hovercraft, it's lack of ability cool-down allows it to take off as soon as it lands, provided the conditions are met. This makes the Plane is useful for escaping threats.

However, while flying, the Plane cannot collect any crowns and powerups, apart for some that were placed at high places. This can be annoying to most players, as they must land their plane to collect them, making it vulnerable. Also, while it can fly over water like the Hovercraft, it can only do so when it takes off with the previously mentioned method of getting off ledges or ramps; if the Plane runs into water without taking off, it will still sink just like any other vehicle.



  • The Plane is based on F6F Hellcat naval fighter. However, the in-game vehicle is seemly unarmed, likely a prototype or civilian variant.
  • In real life, planes without VTOL required long runways to take off and land, and are able to remain mid-air for extended periods. However, this does not apply to this specific plane for balancing reasons. Additionally, most real-life aircraft are much faster than land vehicles: The F6F's top speed is around 629 KPH, which is supposedly, much faster than most land vehicles in the game, though this has been significantly reduced in-game. In a sharp contrast, the other faster vehicles, like Speed (McLaren MP4/4) and Grand Veloce (Bugatti Veyron 16.4), have a top speed of 333 KPH and 431 KPH, respectively.
    • This attribute was shared with Bomber Plane (F-117) and the Helicopter (RAH-66 Comanche), as their maximum velocities are 1100 KPH and 324 KPH respectively.
    • Since the Hellcat was designed as a carrier-based aircraft, which had little space for a full-sized runway, it was launched by external devices in order to take flight. This is referenced in the game where the launch ramps provide acceleration to vehicles, which propels the plane with a sudden surge of force to activate its flight ability.
  • It is the only non-fusion vehicle that can fly.

Changes in Updates

  • The Plane was added in the Hypergrid Update.
    • It became obtainable via Prize Machines after the Stadium Update.
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