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The Plasma bike is Fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Far across the distance and the spaces between locks its elegancy at its hour of glory.



Special Properties

The Plasma bike drags a trail which does 0.5 damage to any vehicle it comes in contact with. Aside from the damage caused, it can also knock enemies away from it, which is an improvement over the Trailblaze. Also, it lasts longer than the flame trail. The Knock-back may not always apply and cannot be blocked off with damage immunity. The trail will damage the bike itself and can destroy it. However, the vehicle takes reduced self-inflicted damage. When the vehicle is destroyed, the trail instantly vanishes.

Plasma bike's ability cannot function in Dungeon while fighting the Phantom Bosses, Blitz Mode or Crash Ball. In Team Deathmatch, Plasma Bike's trail doesn't inflict damage to itself.


Whenever being chased by enemies with the spikes and flamethrower power-ups, it's best to go in a zig-zag pattern and keep making quick turns whenever possible. As the plasma trail does a good job at knocking enemies away and stunning them, it becomes quite powerful in maps with limited space such as Fortune Harbor, able to inflict devastating damage even without power-ups. A common strategy is to use the trail to trap an enemy and easily eliminate them (similar to, which is useful if the opponent is unable to retaliate. It will not fare well against exceptionally fast or agile vehicles, but slower vehicles will really feel the pain.

The Spike and flamethrower power-ups are a good combination for this vehicle. As they provide support against close-range attacks on the front of the vehicle, while the plasma trail provides protection from behind. In this case, the Rear Cannon power up is rendered somewhat redundant because the plasma trail already knocks opponents away and effectively out of the cannon's range. However, the user must be well aware that the trail does not provide comprehensive cover, as it does not block ranged attacks. The player must also refrain from using it or Trailblaze in certain game modes, as their abilities are unusable, leaving them at a significant disadvantage.



  • The Plasma bike was released in the Hypergrid Update.
  • The Plasma bike is the second vehicle in the game that does direct self-damage, the first would be the Vampire.
    • Due to the traits of plasma trails, it is possible to damage allies in Team Deathmatch mode, making it a dangerous vehicle to use in said mode. This was since fixed in the 2020 Mansion Update when TDM returned as a game mode.
    • Unlike Vampire, the Plasma bike's self-damage is not consistent, and it alone is able to destroy the vehicle.
  • After a minor patch, the Plasma bike and Vampire both received reductions in self-damage.
  • Prior to a certain version, the Plasma bike cannot reverse as it will take damage from its own trail, resulting it being knocked back. This has since been fixed.
  • The design for the Plasma bike is likely based off of the Light Cycles from the Tron franchise and most specifically the 5th-generation ones featured in the 2010 film, Tron: Legacy.
    • The plasma trail ability is a reference the light cycles featured in the film. Said vehicles would leave behind a wall of light (can be destroyed by other weapons) that could dissolve opponents upon contact. In CoC, for balancing reasons, the trails will only ever expire on their own and do much less damage.
    • Its release in the Hypergrid Update further reinforces this point, as the namesake map also bears a resemblance to the setting of the Tron series.
  • Prior to the release of Bloodrush, Plasma bike is the only fusion vehicle that has 4 health.
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