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Private Match is a game mode in Crash of Cars.


The Private Matches were added in the 1.1.52 version of the game, as a part of the Mine Update. They are accessed by tapping the arrow next to the play button. All Private Matches have a max capacity of six players and can't be started without at least 2 players including the host, though bots can be manually added, up to a maximum of four. All matches have a time limit and a score limit. The team/individual that gets to the point limit will win the match and ending it as a result. Otherwise, if the time limit expires, either sudden death will engage and result in a draw (Team-based gameplay only), or the match ends with the highest-scoring team/individual winning the match.

List of Private Match Modes

Game Modes

Death Match In Death Match, the game's mostly like the regular free-for-all Crown Mode. the goal is to get as many kills as possible before the timer runs out. Winners are ranked by who had the most kills. The match
Team Death Match In Team Deathmatch the game play is mostly the same as Deathmatch. Three players to a team. The team with the most kills wins. Friendly fire is disabled between vehicles of the same team.
Crown Collect In Crown Collect the goal is to collect as many crows as possible before the timer runs out. Winners are ranked the amount of crowns they hold when the match ends. If a vehicle is destroyed, it will drop it's crowns and it's own counter is reset to zero. Sometimes it will drop silver crowns that's worth 10 crowns each.
Crash Ball In Crash ball the goal is to get as many goals with a large football (or Soccer). Each team can have a maximum of 3 players and a team gets a point if the ball is scored in their opponent's goal. Damage is disabled in this mode. Taking the football decreases top speed and it can be dislodged by a vehicle from the opposing team or manually launched with the Power-Up activation button. The football respawns if it goes out of bounds or enters a goal. In the former case it would be forcibly dislodged from the vehicle carrying it and in the latter case it will vanish before respawning, along with vehicles, back at their respective positions. It's possible to grab a power-up but it will vanish if it remais unused when the football falls onto a vehicle. Most power-up effects still apply in Crash Ball.
Capture the Flag In Capture the flag, the goal is to capture many flags in one match. The team with the most flag captures wins. Friendly fire is disabled between vehicles of the same team. Like the normal CTF, certain vehicles cannot be used in private CTF.



  • When Initially released, only Deathmatch and Crown Collect were avaliable.
    • Crash Ball was released on the Stadium Update. - The only Private Match mode where damage is disabled for all vehicles. It was avaliable as a part of the Regular crown mode and is randomly started
    • Team Deathmatch was released on the Facility Update. It is also avaliable directly from the main menu and can be played in a similar fashion to the regular crown mode, though in a different fashion where if a vehicle did a lot contribution to it's own team, it will get more coins. There's also an option to double the coins collected by watching an ad before collecting them, similar to the game's previous IAP of double coins (Removed after an unknown Update).
    • Capture the Flag was released on the Skygarden update. Unlike the normal CTF, the private match has a minimum of 2 players to join.
  • Respawning in Team Deathmatch does not restore vehicle armor.
  • Most power-ups and their effects will apply normally in Private Matches.
  • For balancing reasons, quests and daily missions can't be completed in Private Matches.
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