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The Shadow is Epic vehicle in Crash of Cars.

With the fancy design of a modern supercar, it's where form meets spectacular function.


Shadow is a mostly featureless vehicle painted in mostly metallic grey. Its body is heavily streamlined with artistic attributes including various curved edges. Crimson lines run through the front and the middle of the vehicle, as well as around the rims of the black wheels. Its bumper is attached to the body with several beams, and between the two there is a dark obscure grille. The front arches bulge significantly with the wheels, while the back does not. The backside contains two grated rectangular lights and two small metal bulges, while a total of 4 exhaust pipes are evenly distributed in pairs to each side. The top contains a black ring with an opening replaced by two pink lightning bolts. Red waves of energy float from an unknown device mounted beneath, dragging crimson light waves as the vehicle travels. Parts in front and behind the ring are slightly transparent, with pink lights seeping through them.

Special Properties

When a suitable target enters within range, Shadow's coil aims to it, and channels a crimson-white beam which thickens with time. If contact is maintained for 3 seconds, the shield will be successfully disabled, producing a cosmetic shockwave. The target also takes 0.75 damage after the ability triggers.

If the target gets out of range or deactivates the shield manually before the disable effect occurs in any way, Shadow will not do any damage and will instead switch to another target, if avaliable. Also, only one enemy may be targeted at any given moment.

Aside from enemy shields, it also targets:


In regular gameplay, the Shadow proves itself to be quite the fearsome adversary against other vehicles. It has decent acceleration and responsive handling which allows for aggressive gameplay. It can out-maneuver other cars in close-range combat and escape some tight situations from hazards such as flamethrowers, cannon fire or railgun beams depending on the user's reaction time.

The ability to destroy shields is a useful addition, allowing it to ambush unaware opponents. Thanks to the long range, it is not likely for enemies to easily notice the shield drain before it vanishes, allowing the Shadow to strike even before the enemy has a chance to equip and use their current power-ups. Additionally, unlike the Fire Truck, Shadow's ability does not have a vocal indicator, so it is almost undetectable unless the beam is spotted in time. Enemies relying on offensive shield augments will quickly find themselves in deep trouble when Shadow removes the protection entirely. The damaging aspect of the energy beam can also be used to pull off some nasty moves - Particularly, it can destroy a shielded vehicle frozen by the Freeze Cannon. It is also a good match versus opponents already low on health.

However, smart players who face the Shadow can potentially, and preemptively deactivate their shield before the Shadow has the time to do it itself, preventing the damage from triggering. This still leaves them vulnerable to further strikes in which case feels futile, but saving even a very small portion of health can help them stay alive for longer.

There is generally little downside to Shadow apart from the skills required to master it, as with all fast vehicles. The anti-shield function only makes it more devastating than those who rely on stats.



  • The Shadow might be based on the Ferrari's 2040 concept car Manifesto, created by a team at ISD-Rubika Design School. The rear part, however, is based on the Ferrari Testarossa.
  • Before the Atlantis update, NotDoppler opened the poll for players to vote the new upcoming vehicle, the Mechamorph (with its transforming ability) won the poll against the Shadow (with its anti-shield ability) by 76%.
    • At that time, both were not known by their actual names but rather by their concepts.
  • Shadow's ability to interfere with Rumbler and Mechamorph suggests that either the Super Boost and Mechamorph itself utilizes programming similar to the shield or it was for balancing reasons, as both vehicles' abilities grant extended invincibility.
  • The energy cannon appears to be a circular Tesla Coil powered by an unknown source of energy.
    • When the device fires, it produces an almost inaudible sound.

Bugs and Glitches

Changes in Updates

  • The Shadow was introduced in the Golf Course Update as an Upcoming Vehicle.
    • It also appeared on the update's loading screen along with 1950 Racer and Triple.
  • Since the 2019 Winterland Update, Shadow can be obtained from Car Machines.

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