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The Shield is a power-up in Crash of Cars.


When active, the Shield prevents the player from taking damage. It has a base duration of 6 seconds.

Using the Power-Up trigger again will disable the shield early and push back nearby vehicles. The force is not affected by any of its modifiers. If the shield expires on it's own nothing will happen.

Collision force modifiers will apply knock-back on any vehicle that comes into contact, in extreme cases sending them across the whole map. This does stack with the mass of the vehicle, as well as it's knock-back abilities, if any.

Stun modifiers disables a vehicle temporarily upon contact, only allowing it to use power-ups, similar to Oil. This effect cannot be negated and is reset if hit by the shield again.


After locking on a target with an active shield for 3 seconds, Shadow disables the shield and does 1 damage to the target.


Ricochet will never receive Shield and these are replaced by its Deflector Shield, which will always be the first power-up it acquires after spawn. It does not scale with modifiers.


Gigawatt's zaps can instantly deactivate enemy shields caught in the vicinity, although it will not inflict further damage.


Bloodrush will never receive Shield and these are replaced by its Bloodlust. They do not scale by shield modifiers.



Because the shield grants invincibility, there's a lot of potential to it.

Offensively, one can slowly chip off a tough vehicle with ramming, or to pester it while the enemy cannot retaliate. Modifiers with duration increments can help as the enemy must wait for the shield to wear off. KB and Stun modifiers take a step further, as they could create an annoying stun-lock combination that tackles and levels even the heaviest and he most powerful of all vehicles.

Defensively, there isn't much to say, other than to neutralize sources of incoming damage.

It takes a second for the shield to be engaged, however, during which the player can still take damage. Keep this and the shield's duration in mind when using it.


Offensively or defensively, a shield is used to discourage a pursuer and force them to change targets. Most of the time, it's best to avoid shielded players, so they would either give up, or will be forced to counter other vehicles.

But Shadow and Gigawatt are the greatest counters. They can disable shields, and their performance make them moderate contenders. It is only wise to approach engaged shields, however, as an inactive generators cannot be targeted.


  • Shielded hit-boxes vary, depending on the vehicle.
  • After the Hollows Update, the shield gained visual effects on its modifiers.
    • Parts of the shield may become green if it is equipped with KB modifiers, and light blue with lightning sparkles if with stun modifiers. Otherwise, it will be white instead.
    • Prior to that, the shield is white at level 1, green at level 2, and blue at level 3+.
  • Shielding does not prevent destruction under the following conditions:
    • The center pit in Volcano
    • The Storm area in Winterland
    • Moving too far away in the map (out of Bounds)
    • Self-Destruct.
  • The Shield is one of the several power-ups banned in Skirmish Mode, along with Health, Landmines, and Oil.
  • The shield does not cover the underside of the vehicle, despite completely preventing damage from Landmines.
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