The Speedboat is Fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.

It dominates both the water and land with the vast velocity and acceleration of a racer.


Speedboat follows the archetype of an aquatic vehicle and is streamlined while the rear is flat. The bottom is painted jet black while the outer part of the top deck is metallic grey. The boat's windows are tinted in matte black and the floor the rest on are made out of timber. On the back of the deck there is a steering wheel and various seats, all colored in white, while the dashboard is black. A grey arch towers over the vehicle while the two sides are surrounded with metal railings. A set of three nozzles are present on the bottom left, bottom right, as well as its rear, all emitting crimson flares. It is accompanied by a water splashing visual effect when it is moving.

Special Properties

In addition to its high velocity, Speedboat can travel for up to 10 seconds on water before it sinks.

A small bar will appear below the vehicle if it's navigating through water, indicating how much time the vehicle can travel before sinking and will slowly recharge once it goes back to land.


Speedboat is a combination of a fast amphibious vehicle. As the velocity remains identical on all surfaces, its seafaring ability allows for easy escapes across normally inaccessible water areas.

While its handling is suitable for drifting away from harm, it is otherwise unsuitable for most scenarios as it fails to respond to most threats and with its exceptionally large hit-box, most other vehicle can have a shot against it. Outside of the water, it is extremely vulnerable to all kinds of threats, so the player should pick maps with many water areas for maximum utility of its ability.


  • Its weaker handling may be a reference to how aquatic vehicles generally have worse handling than ground vehicles and thus will take more time to execute turns, as aquatic movement has great differences compared to terrestrial movement. This aspect is also shared with Hovercraft.
    • Additionally, unlike most vehicles in the game, Speedboat is an entirely aquatic vehicle. It is unknown why Speedboat can cruise on land. It is also the first vehicle to be based on a specialized aquatic vehicle solely purposed for water travel.
  • Due to the game's distorted proportions, the Speedboat is much smaller compared to most vehicles. In reality, as a result for an aquatic vehicle to maintain buoyancy, they are often much larger than land vehicles with a similar capacity.
  • It is unknown how Speedboat hovers on land without any relevant equipment. Most real Speedboats are often suitable for land transport, but only with the assistance of a trailer.
  • The name of the vehicle is a double entendre. It refers to both the eponymous real-life archetype and two of its material vehicles, namely Fortune Boat and Speed.
  • The exact model serving inspiration for the Speedboat is yet to be known.
  • The description does not mention its high velocity.

Changes in Updates

  • The Speedboat was added in the Golf Course Update.
  • In the 2020 Mansion Update, its duration while hovering in water was increased to 10 seconds (from 8). Its handling and forward acceleration obtained minor improvements.
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