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The Spikes are a power power up in Crash of Cars.


When Spikes are obtained they are equipped to the vehicle's front.

It has a base duration of 11 seconds and a base damage value of 1.

When used, they will extend and rotate, damaging vehicles if they come into contact and knocking it back for a short distance, depending on vehicles' mass values.

Anytime before it expires, if the player taps the power-up button again, it will dismount and launch itself forwards, adhering to gravity, and disappear after coming into contact with any other vehicle, map scenery, or after moving for a certain distance. The damage is identical to the previous form.

Damage modifiers stack exponentially, resulting in a 40% increase over the existing enhanced value. Others stack normally.


Spikes are useful on the offensive. Just activate it, find any target, and ram it.

Spikes can also used to push other vehicles into water or pit holes, and the knock-back effect depends on vehicle's speed and weight.

It can also be used to negate ram damage from vehicles.


  • Along with the Flamethrower, the Spike is one of only two gadgets that can be ejected while used.
    • Coincidently, they are both COC power-ups. Their durations will also reset upon being launched.
  • It's projectile expiration sound is identical to that of the Cannon. In fact, they use almost identical physics.
  • For some reason, it does not block solid projectiles, like those from the Cannon.
  • A promotional image shows the Rumbler with the Spikes along with a Super Boost, although it is impossible to do this in the game.
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