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The Starman's car is Common vehicle in Crash of Cars.

It went into the edge of space. There's none more to tell.


To obtain the Starman's car, the player needs to obtain the Lunar Rover, which is also a hidden car.

The player must use the Lunar Rover to play in several locations. The Moon must be visited last, but the others can be visited at any time.

The Lunar Rover will make a beeping sound if it detects a microsatellite nearby.

The player must find and activate several microsatellites around different maps. In order to activate it, the player must stop in the correct vicinity and check the Lunar Rover's computer. If it is red, then it means that you are on the right track. If it went green, wait for a second, and a radar pops up, so the player may quit the current round and go to a different map. Private Matches will work, as the host can select any map they want instead of waiting out the lengthy 4-hour map cycle to get the desired map.

The Locations

Water Park : At the top right corner of the map, go to the nearby driveway, and it should be outside the driveway's corner, requires a bit searching though.

Gorge : There is a small ledge at the northern end of the map (not map border), and destructible trees are present, it's at the eastern end of the ledge.

Fortune Harbor : Between the first and second ramp nearby the southern end of the map (where one ramp leads to the other).

Jungle : There is a bridge made from a fallen tree, evidently because of uncut wood, approach from the south side, then there's a ledge at the right. Use a nearby incline ramp to reach it, and go to that ledge, it's right nearby but to the left side of a tree.

Narrow : In the sand circle located up north, and there's a pickup box. It's on the eastern side.

Desert : At the map's middle eastern side there's a small pool of water. Go to it's north and carry on until a ramp was seen. Stop at the right side of the ramp, and it's right there.

Moon : At the leftmost indestructible radar, on its south side. In order for the radar to show up, all others must be found. They only need to be found once.

Once you've found the radar on the moon, a cutscene begins, whereas a part of the moon, uncolonized, was shown and a radar unleashes a signal, which attracts a car from space. The Starman's car then lands while the dummy floats away.


The Starman's car is a very well-balanced car; with above average speed and high rate of acceleration, the Starman's car can easily get in and out of firefights, and with a hitbox similar to most 'regular' 5-health cars like Chuck, along with good grip and handling, the Starman's car can effectively dodge many hazards and projectiles with ease. This makes it good for both aggressive and passive play, since it has sufficient speed to outrun fast opponents and collect crowns at a fast rate if played passively, while having little difficulty chasing and attacking slower ones while dodging their attacks when used offensively. Overall, among 5-health vehicles, Starman's car can be described to have competitive performance, and can be compared to vehicles like Flow or Concept.



  • It was based on Elon Musk's 2008 Tesla Roadster that was used as dummy payload for SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket and launched into space.
    • Starman was a name of the dummy sat inside the Tesla Roadster; The vehicle's name and the cutscene explicitly reference this.
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