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The Trebuchet is a power up in Crash of Cars.


The Trebuchet launches a bomb that inflicts area damage with a 1-second fuse time. If it has more ammo, another second will pass before the next shot.

Damage modifiers stack exponentially, resulting in a 30% increase over the existing enhanced value. Others stack normally.



The Trebuchet is basically a homing missile that has an area of effect at the cost of some requirement to skill. It isn't particularly effective against chasing opponents, unless they are slowed down or stalled. It also functions like an area denial, as one can predict the path the opponent will take, forcing them to take heavy damage. The general performance is balanced against most vehicles, though attacking slower vehicles will require less skill.

It is not recommended to use damage modifiers as the basic AOE is too small, and it is intended more as an area denial or finisher rather than an assault weapon. Firing it while chasing an enemy is not effective, as they will most likely escape. Trapping an enemy, however, is another story - It can be used as a follow-up attack after the target has been weakened or disabled by others. It could also take advantage of clustered combatants and deal massive damage to all of them.

A strange yet effective way is to increase the explosion radius via modifiers. Defensively, fast pursuing vehicles can be easily caught in the radius when chasing.


Being quite slow on throw, the Trebuchet's main weakness is that it can be outran or avoided by most vehicles. It will still deal a reasonable amount of damage to them if it connects, but most vehicle would survive the hit at high health. Generally it poses little threat to faster vehicles, as most of the time, they can easily avoid various traps, significantly reducing their vulnerability to Trebuchet. Slower vehicles, on the other hand, will have to take the hit unless they were to wander out of it's AOE when they're at the edge.

One way to neutralize the attack is some invincibility. Additionally, it doesn't seems to be able to damage enemies with a significant elevation to the attacker's AOE. If jumping down from a high ledge helps and doesn't hurt, do it.




  • The Trebuchet is with the game since it's global launch.
  • The explosion sound is similar to that of a plastic object hitting the ground.
  • Real-life trebuchets are medieval siege weapons used to hurl ammunition such as rocks and flaming combustibles against enemy fortifications, so they can be weakened for an assault. However, explosives were quite rare at the time of their creation.
    • A more accurate incarnation of the explosive trebuchet is a mortar or a howitzer, on account of it's greatly exaggerated radius.
    • Despite damaging via shrapnel, the Trebuchet does equal damage to all targets in it's AOE, does not knock vehicles away with a shockwave, and does not suffer a penalty against military vehicles like the Tank.
  • Until the Hollows Update, the Trebuchet's AOE is always red. Currently, all allied Trebuchet circles are now white.
  • It does not have a reload animation. When multiple rounds are fired, the arm instantly resets instead of being retracted and the bomb suddenly appears.
  • It's properties and coding were re-used for the meteorites in Volcano.
  • Visually, it does not appear to reflect the modifiers equipped within.
  • The projectile is not solid, and thus will be unable to directly hit a vehicle.
  • The bomb's fuse doesn't burn when it explodes.
  • The Minesweeper is not immune to it's explosions.
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