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The content described in this article has been removed and is no longer available in Crash of Cars.

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The UFO is Common vehicle in Crash of Cars.

It learned the common sense of most other vehicles - from the hard way.


It is very complex and requires some tight moves. You also need a sufficient prestige level. After each step is completed, the progress is saved and will not need to be completed again


First, you need a sufficient prestige level. You need at least 2 boost modifiers that increase distance. Equip them and get in Lounge Map. A Plane or the Vertigo is recommended on lower levels where Boost modifiers are absent. You can also choose the Monster/Hovercraft/Helicopter to make the process much easier.

Alternatively, you can choose to start a Private Match (select Team Deathmatch) and invite a friend with a War Machine, but ensure that you must join your friend's team right after you click the start button, thus disabling damage between the vehicles. However, any of the aforementioned vehicles except the War Machine are required, so as the Boost.


  • At the Lounge, find a way to get onto the couch. If you have 2 or more boost distance modifiers, just using the boost will do; lower leveled players can still make it by using Boost while either the Plane's flight or the Vertigo's Jump abilities are active. Once the player is on the top of the couch, knock the unnamed vehicle down and tires will fall. This process do not need to be repeated; if the car is destroyed while carrying the tires, the tires will still be found on the couch floor. It is also client-sided, meaning opponents cannot claim the tires. Jump down and run over them to collect the tires before getting another Boost. Once you have the boost, reach the tabletop, near the juice box teleport area, where there will be a window near a single book. Go to the other side of the ramp and activate boost there; you will be on the invisible platform, go to the window and smash it. Alternatively, for the cars Monster/Monster Bus/Hovercraft/Helicopter, dock your vehicle with wall-climbing ability and once it has enough elevation, activate boost. You will ram and smash the window. On the other hand, Vertigo can completely skip the process by jumping over the book. In all 3 methods, wait till the UFO collects them. Once the tires are collected and the UFO gone, you can leave the game and go to Winterland. It's noteworthy that the UFO will collect the tires even if the player is destroyed during the cutscene. This won't alter the sequence of the events, so rest easy and move onto the next stage.
  • Change your in-game name into "Peace", capitalized or lowercased, it doesn't matter, and enter the Winterland map. Ram the base of the satellite dish located at the eastern side of the map, then wait for some time. Eventually, the dish turns and fires a cyan laser, downing a UFO. All you need to do next is to drag it to the river on the western side. You don't need to dive into the water, drive onto the floating ice, the UFO will sink and drift away. Once you can no longer see the UFO, head to Gorge.
  • Go to Gorge. The damaged UFO from Winterland can be seen near the waterfall. Run over it to collect the UFO, and drag it to the Skull cave located at the north-western part of the map. Once you touch the entrance, your vehicle and the UFO will vanish before a cut-scene begins.

The Cut-Scene

An alien will be seen roasting food over a bonfire, and was alerted to the presence of the UFO being pushed near the cave. He walks out and attempts to search inside the UFO. After a quick search, he leaves the UFO and a beam is shot above him (presumably from another airborne UFO) and was taken away by it, the screen then centers on the UFO's front-quarter view and stops at this point.


The vehicle resembles a typical UFO ship, having a saucer-like appearance. It has a single headlight. Inside the cockpit has a blue seat, which is visible only in the cutscene or when it was broken. Its wheels are from a broken toy seen in Lounge, which is given by the player. It emits a green trail whenever it moves in the battlefield.


The overall stats of UFO are truly weak and should only be used for casual playthrough. While its slippery handling can be used by some players for maneuverability, most will dismiss it as horrible and only be kept in the garage in favor of other vehicles.



  • The UFO was released on the Stadium Update.
  • As of the Frozen Vale Update, this vehicle can't be obtained as Frozen Vale replaced Winterland as the new Christmas Map.
    • The Winterland only returned in the 2019 Winterland Update and the vehicle can no longer be obtained in Crash of Cars.
    • This makes it the hidden vehicle with the shortest timeframe for it to be obtained, with a total span of 7 months.
    • The reason for the name peace comes from the morse code heard near the antenna on the Winterland map, when decoded it spells "Peace"
  • The UFO first appears on Moon as a background prop, making it, so far, the only vehicle stemming from map assets.

Bugs and Glitches

  • Due to an unknown bug, after unlocking the UFO, the UFO wreck at Gorge will not be removed and if the player repeats the process of delivering the UFO to the Skull-shaped Cave, it will upgrade the UFO if not been maxed out and if it is fully upgraded, the player will get 1 gem. This potentially allows the player to obtain infinite gems and can be sped up slightly if a fast vehicle is used. It was present in the 1.2.20 version but was quickly patched as of 1.2.21.
  • When initially added, UFO was nameless.
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