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The Ultra Phantom is Boss vehicle in Crash of Cars.

Mortal enemies shall make amends as they fight the very demon they freed.

Spawn Requirement

Most of the Ultra Phantom's spawn requirements are similar to Mega Phantom. Usually it spawns in place of the Mega Phantom with a 50% or 1/2 chance, but only if players inside the arena have an average of 15 crowns or more (this is not always the case, however).


  • Cannon (3x +1 bullet)
    • Can only use the Pirate Ship variant, which fires projectiles in 4 directions.
  • Flamethrower (1x Rear Flame, 1x Left Flame, 1x Right Flame)
  • Boost (2x +50% boost distance)
  • Railgun (1x Rear Beam, 1x Left Beam, 1x Right Beam)
  • Homing Missile
    • Can only use the Missile Truck variant, which fires three at a time.


General Tips

  • Keep some distance at all times. If it pulls out anything dangerous, the boss warrants instant destruction with terrifying ease.
    • Have players stall the boss by distracting and luring it around the arena while the others unload their attacks.
  • Teamwork is absolutely essential in many scenarios, though this is not a necessity.
    • Try to arrange other players in advance prior to a fight. Adapt or improvise accordingly while in combat.
    • Do not aggravate or provoke players parked near the Dungeon.

Tips Against Specific Attacks


  • This attack is extremely dangerous as it floods the room with projectiles in seconds and getting caught within it equates to certain damage.


  • Its damage isn't particularly high. Faster vehicles, however, will be able to avoid this attack entirely as they can outrun the boss and keep their distance until it expires.
    • The Fire Truck can be used to neutralize this attack.


  • This attack hits for massive damage, but isn't that tough to avoid. All the player needs to do is to simply keep turning around and the boss will miss.
  • Bear in mind that Boost gives the boss a brief period of invincibility, so avoid damaging it for the entire duration.


  • This alone is an entire joke as it is rather easy to avoid. The only issue is that the boss will trap its targets and then unleash any other attack-including another Railgun-just before the beams expire.
    • Anything that grants invincibility can avoid it entirely. Energy Car is also immune to this attack.

Homing Missile

  • Despite their high damage, Homing Missiles aren't particularly threatening. Their mediocre accuracy means that circling around the arena will eventually lead them into walls. It is more of a threat to faster vehicles than to slower ones.
    • Beware that the missiles can hit any ally and possibly destroy or cripple them in a single hit should they lack protection.

Recommended Power-Ups

Note that Freeze Cannon, Oil, Railgun, Drill and Sentry Turret (for Citadel users) will always be unusable as all power-ups are removed prior to the fight and they don't spawn in the boss room. Other power-ups not listed in the following parts of the article are not recommended for use and should be used immediately in favor for obtaining potentially better ones.

Cannon/Spread Cannon

  • Cannon & its derivatives offer effective ranged attacks and will be the only choice against the boss in many occasions. They are best used in mid-range where the projectiles can accurately damage the boss while staying out of its way.
    • Beware that allied vehicles can block these projectiles.
  • Load all slots with damage bonus modifiers on them unless otherwise specified. Alternatively, one bounce modifier can also work well at the cost of some damage.


  • The Blackhole locks the boss in place, preventing it from exiting unless pushed by other sources such as Boost, and also inflicts some damage when the effect ends. Its most useful attribute, however, is its ability to destroy projectiles while gaining a damage & duration boost.
  • Supernova can abuse its own ability to instantly defeat the boss.


  • For support vehicles, Shield will be useful. A vehicle targeted by the boss can trigger it and that results in an invincible punching bag. Other players should feel free to abuse this opportunity.
  • Configure all modifiers for duration bonuses. Offensive modifiers are barely helpful in all cases and the War Machine can be used in place of them.

Homing Missile

  • Though it inflicts a meager amount of damage per shot, it can be fired and forgotten while the user avoids confronting the boss directly. The boss will be usually too occupied to even dodge it in the first place. However, the player must have a clear shot as otherwise the missile will do nothing.

Freeze Cannon

  • Usually frowned upon due to its ability to cheese the fight akin to a cheat, the Freeze Cannon's catch is its lingering slow projectile. The user must first obtain it outside of the arena, then fire it with perfect timing by predicting the fixed delay (approximately 15 seconds) before the boss spawn. If done correctly, the projectile should be able to disable the boss while it is on the ground, allowing vehicles to smash it for an easy kill.
  • Users do not require specific modifiers for it.


  • With bots often avoiding these, the extensive use of Landmines can create dead zones, forcing the boss to steer around them. With a little help it can be even knocked into a minefield for massive damage.
  • Use 1~2 time modifiers. Avoid using the camouflage one as the boss is not deceived by it.


  • By abusing the boss' sheer size, experienced users can utilize Trebuchet to their advantage easily by predicting its direction or locking it in place.
  • Any combination of modifiers would work depending on the user. For maximum accuracy, use 2 bomb modifiers and 1 area bonus modifier.


  • As the fight is quite literally "every vehicle for themselves", Health is usually used to sustain the vehicle on its own. Just remember that the boss will also heal upon consuming it so use it in a safe area. Try to predict its drop location if it must be used in a pinch, so as to avoid wasting it.
  • Use 1 healing power modifier and 2 pickup chance bonus modifiers.

Recommended Vehicles


  • With their double side cannon variants maximizing burst DPS, Dutchman and Limo can prove to be formidable threats. It is best to configure them with one bouncing modifier and put damage enhancements for the remaining two slots. Both vehicles are support artilleries, and therefore should remain away from the boss most of the time.
    • Dutchman has more raw firepower as despite its low attack rate, the user can time them and adjust their position accordingly to the boss itself. The cannons can attack on both sides, which in turn reduce the amount of aiming on the player's part. Dutchman's weak overall stats, however, may reduce its effectiveness as it cannot survive for long on its own.
    • Limo has slightly better overall stats and a much higher rate of fire. Unfortunately, the double side cannons only aim at a single direction, forcing the user to turn around should they obtain an undesirable variant.

Pirate Ship

  • Its cannons inflict significant point-blank DPS, though not as much as the Dutchman or Limo as practically only one of the cannons will hit.
    • Use bounce modifiers to maximize its effectiveness. Alternatively, try to abuse the boss' hit box by swerving around it and aiming the cannon.
    • Similar to Limo and Dutchman, Pirate Ship cannot survive for long if the boss relentlessly attacks it, so it should also keep its distance most of the time.

Fire Truck

  • Though mostly a support vehicle operating from range, Fire Truck has the ability to completely neutralize its Flamethrower, allowing other vehicles to approach safely.
    • However, beware that the boss would be able to switch to another power-up as soon as the fire dies out.

War Machine

  • With its high base health, the ability to knock enemies back on contact and some tactical play, War Machine can be effective in stalling the boss by knocking it away. Maximize its protection with Shield and it will be able to keep the beast at bay. The vehicle itself is slow and unresponsive, however. which prevents it from dodging attacks while vulnerable.

Energy Car

  • As the boss will employ the Railgun in its arsenal, the Energy Car can take advantage of this and heal to full once in a while.
    • On the other hand, the vehicle's other stats are weak and will be unable to keep up with the fight.


  • Arguably the most iconic choice, Rumbler's Super Boost can be abused to also stall it in a similar fashion to the War Machine. Hitting the boss while there's still room between it and the arena's boundaries allows for multiple hits to be scored while also significantly damaging it. The vehicle itself has several issues, however, which can limit its effectiveness:
    • Its handling while using Super Boost is extremely weak, leaving no room for any mistake while charging. This is only further compounded by the extremely short boost duration.
    • The vehicle suffers seriously from its weak stats which greatly reduces its chances from dodging the boss' attacks. Its melee nature exacerbate this problem even further as it is extremely likely for the power-up to expire while the boss is attacking.

Mini Tank

  • A nimble menace on its own, the Mini Tank's damage reduction versus ramming can be useful when it is frequently rammed by the boss. Its sheer agility also allows the boss to be easily flanked with most other power-ups. Its low top speed could still hamper it if the boss utilizes short-ranged power-ups such as the Flamethrower.

Missile Truck

  • Like Fire Truck, Missile Truck supports the fight from range with 3 lethal weapons. The boss is usually slow enough to take all three missiles and consequently a significant amount of damage to its health. The vehicle itself is not competitive and should remain away from the boss most of the time.


  • Due to the severe speed penalty from its ability and its decent mobility, Galaxy can easily hamper the boss' progress while allowing other vehicles to wreck havoc and chip away at it. Galaxy's only downsides are its low mass and large hit box, which renders it extremely vulnerable to most attacks.


  • Screwdriver is only useful for abusing Freeze Cannon strategies thanks to its guaranteed Freeze Cannon after spawn.


  • Along with its decent handling & slim profile, by activating its ability frequently the user can also constantly avoid the boss. With the help of a Shield it can even push the boss with its boost, buying allies time to siege it.


  • Though its ability is tough to master, the drift & speed bonus can allow the vehicle to circle around the boss with terrifying ease while also dodging some of its dangerous attacks. It can serve as a valuable distraction while allies mob the boss. Just beware of stray projectiles that may bounce around and hit the vehicle as it takes a while to disable the ability.

Grand Veloce/Speed/Speed 2.0/Fast or agile vehicles in general

  • These vehicles vary in terms of health, though their mobility counters the boss' usually low velocity by sprinting around the room and distracting it from everywhere.
  • Abilities from the Plasma Bike and Trailblaze are also disabled during the fight, making them unattractive options.


  • Crowns surrounded in a green aura drop when it has been defeated. They are only collectible by the combatants who defeated it, and aren't available to outsiders who entered after the battle ended.
    • The reward can be obtained for 20 seconds. When the period is over, indicated by the growling of the boss, they can no longer be collected, and the team tag is removed.
  • Up to 4 unique badges can be obtained by defeating the Ultra Phantom at 5/10/50/100 kills respectively.



  • The Ultra Phantom is counted as an actual participant vehicle, as when it makes a kill, the game will announce it to all players.
  • Mega Phantom and Ultra Phantom are similar except the differences in power-ups used, health level, size, and an additional spawn requirement based on player number.
  • Mega Phantom and Ultra Phantom are the first vehicles with more than 10 health and 4 armor.

Bugs and Glitches

  • It is possible to knock the boss out of the arena, preventing players inside it from leaving normally unless it is somehow defeated otherwise.
  • The boss can sometimes fail to spawn, which leads to it not dropping crowns, and the game will open the gates after a certain amount of time passes.
    • It is possible to see the health bar decreasing gradually when this happens.
  • Although this is very rare, sometimes crowns may not drop after the boss is defeated.

Changes in Updates

  • Ultra Phantom was introduced in the Dungeon Update.

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