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The Update Log is a small log containing all avaliable data and updates of the game. It is only for informational purposes and the accuracy can vary depending on how we extract the data.

Global Launch! 1.1.03 (March, 2017)

Global launch of Crash of Cars!

Fortune Harbor Update 1.1.12 (April,2017)

37 Cars in the game.

New Content:

  • New Map! “Fortune Harbor”
  • 5 New cars including the Epic Dragon!
  • Prestige Level: You can now reach Level 21. What prizes await?
  • Balance Changes:
    • Ambulance now shoots health forward.
    • Pirate Ship speed increase.
    • Heavy cars now turn faster.
    • Drift cars now have higher acceleration.
    • Flamethrower duration has been decreased.
    • Land Mines now deploy faster.
    • Trebuchet now shoots forwards and explodes faster.
    • Misc. bug fixes.

Jungle Update 1.1.24 (April–May,2017)

48 cars present in the game.

Welcome to the second Crash of Cars update!

  • New Map: Enter the Jungle!
  • 10 New cars! Including a Banana Car, ATV and more
  • Prestige Level: You can now reach Level 24. What prizes await?
  • Balance Changes:
    • Drift cars slight speed increase
  • Player Requests:
    • Temporary invincibility when spawning in a match
    • Map select: You can now choose what map you want to enter.
    • Fixed an issue in which cars could sometimes appear invisible
  • Misc Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs with missions and Coin Doubler

Water Park Update 1.1.34 (June, 2017)


59 Cars in total.

Summer has come to Crash of Cars!

  • New Map: Water Park! Ride the slides and hang out by the pool!
  • 11 New cars! Including a Donut Inflatable, Surfer Van, Sand Buggy and more!
  • Hidden Cars: Can you find them?
  • Prestige Level: You can now reach Level 28. What prizes await?
  • Player Requests:
    • Fixed a bug causing invincible players
    • No longer take damage when starting to use the teleport
    • Misc Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the firetruck.
  • Coin Doubler is half price for a limited time!

Castle Update 1.1.42 (July, 2017)


66 cars in total.

Fiery new Castle map

  • 5 new cars, including a Battering Ram and Wagon
  • 2 new hidden cars can you find them both?
  • 10 new skins
  • Max Prestige Lvl is now 30
  • Balance Changes:
    • Landmines last longer and no longer damage the owner
    • Hovercraft can now hover for 8 seconds on water
    • Fixed a bug with the firetruck putting out it's own flamethrower
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the leaderboard names wouldn't show
    • New joystick control scheme available in settings.

Mine Update 1.1.52 (August, 2017)


72 cars in total.

The BIGGEST update to Crash of Cars yet!

  • Private Matches: Create a room and battle your friends in Deathmatch or Crown Mode!
  • New Map: Retro-inspired "Mine".
  • Max level is now 32!
  • 6 New cars (including a Hidden Car)
  • Misc. Bug fixes and improvements
  • Fusion Lab Coming soon!
  • We're continuing to work on some cool new features, so stay tuned for future updates and if you enjoy Crash of Cars, help share it with your friends so the game can grow even bigger! :)

Mansion Update 1.1.64 (October, 2017)


78 cars in total + 6 Fusion Cars

  • 12 NEW Cars added:
  • UPCOMING: I Scream, Trailblazer, Horizon, Forklift.
  • Game Icon: Muscle replaced with Rumbler.

New Haunted Mansion map. Teleport through paintings and dodge opponents as you battle to survive

  • 12 New Cars
  • Car Lab is now live! Forge existing cars into exciting new ones (including a helicopter)
  • New Hidden Car
  • Increased max upgrade level for all Common (Level 9), Rare (Level 7) and Epic (Level 5) cars
  • New Max level has been doubled to 64
  • Rumbler super boost now lasts 8 seconds.
  • Trebuchet now explodes faster.

Winterland Update 1.1.71 (Dec 14, 2017)


85 cars in total. + 8 Fusion Cars

The Festive season has arrived in Crash of Cars!

  • Added Winterland Map
  • Added Festive Sleigh and it's own Festive Event
  • Added 10 New Cars: Snow Plow, Minesweeper, Go Kart......
  • New max. prestige level is 73
  • Cloud Save Optimisations
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Top speed of Heavy cars increased by 10%

1.1.73 (Dec 19, 2017)

  • Fixed a display issue on iPhone 8 Plus, plus other misc bugs.

1.1.80 (Feb 8, 2018) Hypergrid Update


91 Total cars + 10 Fusion cars

  • Map Rotation introduced. Up to 6 maps are avaliable at any give moment, with new maps every 4 hours
  • New Hidden Car: Royal Wagon
  • Quick Respawn: Jump back into matches faster than ever before
  • New max prestige level is 81

1.0.89 (

  • General Bug Fixes

1.2.13 (Apr 14, 2018) First Anniversary Update


97 total cars. + 12 Fusion Cars 

Crash of Cars celebrates it's first birthday, and things are looking a bit bigger than usual...

  • Drive around an oversized lounge-room in the new "Lounge" map.
  • 8 new cars, including a gyrosphere!
  • Unlock special rewards in the new Daily Challenge system. Can you unlock them all?
  • New max prestige level is 87
  • More crowns drop when destroying enemies
  • Vampire and Plasma Bike balance changes:
    • Vampire self-damage reduced to 1 health every 12 seconds, and Plasma Bike no longer damages itself with teleport, along with dealing reduced self-damage.
  • Added 2 new skins and limited-time name Decals.

1.2.20 (Jun 13, 2018) Stadium Update


104 total cars + 13 Fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is going football crazy just in time for the World Cup!

  • Battle other cars and score the most goals in our brand new "Stadium" map.
  • Play Crash Ball matches in a new co-op team-based gameplay!
  • Represent your country and climb the leaderboard in the Crash Ball World Cup!
  • 8 New cars, including a Lawn Mower, Scooter & Time Machine!
  • New Hidden Car
  • New Max Level: 93
  • Added Stadium Map
  • Added new Game Mode: Crash Ball
  • Added event: Crash Ball World Cup
  • Plane is no longer upcoming.

1.2.21 (Jun 16, 2018)

  • Misc Bug Fixes. Patched "UFO Infinite Gems" bug

1.2.22 (

  • Misc Bug Fixes.

1.2.30 Facility Update()


112 cars in total + 14 Fusion cars.

Team Death Match has come to Crash of Cars! Brand new "Team Death Match" Mode.

  • Dodge giant laser beams and breeze past wind turbines in the new "Facility" map.
  • 9 New cars, including a Log Truck, Postal Van and Coffee Cup car!
  • New Hidden Car
  • Added Facility Map
  • Added Game Mode: Team Death Match
  • New Upcoming: Log Truck, 250 Gems. Energy Car is no longer Upcoming.
  • New Max Level: 100

1.2.40 Hollows Update (October, 2018)


119 total cars + 15 Fusion Cars.

Halloween has come to Crash of Cars!

  • New haunted forest map "Hollows". Hide in fog and blast opponents as you battle for victory.
  • 8 New cars, including the spooky new "Frankencar" and an RC Car.
  • Introducing Car Quests: Complete quests with each car to unlock exclusive prizes.
  • Introducing Badges: Unlock achievements and show off your badge collection in-game
  • New Hidden Car.

1.2.51 Frozen Vale Update (December, 2018)


127 total cars + 16 Fusion Cars.

The festive season has arrived in Crash of Cars!

  • New Frozen Vale map! Dash through the snow and use power-ups to defeat your opponents.
  • Limited Time Event: Take Santa's Sleigh for a test drive, as you try and collect as many presents as possible
  • 9 New vehicles including a Cement Truck and Trolley!
  • New Hidden Car
  • Prestige Balance changes.

1.2.60 Volcano Update (January, 2019)


131 Total cars + 17 Fusion Cars.

Brand new Volcano map Drive to the summit and smash opponent cars into the crater. Beware of deadly eruptions!

  • New Epic Car "Sparkie" with a special perk: turns into a powerful fireball after hitting oil.
  • 5 new unlockable cars including a Lifeguard car and Pizza Delivery Truck!
  • Players' Choice! Vote for the next map and Legendary car in our upcoming 2 year anniversary update.
  • Limited time offer: Get a special Chinese New Year skin with Super or Ultimate Gem Pack Purchase.

1.3.00 Atlantis Update (April, 2019)


135 Total cars + 18 Fusion Cars.

Crash of Cars is celebrating its 2nd Birthday with new content voted by our player community:

  • New Atlantis Map Explore the depths of the ocean in this colourful underwater world.
  • New Legendary Transforming Car, with a crazy rage-mode ability.
  • New cars: 5 new vehicles including a Steam Train and Deep Sea Explorer!
  • New power-up: Black Hole: Suck-up opponents and steal their crowns!
  • New Skirmish Game Mode: No defensive weapons allowed!
  • Bug fixes and Optimisations.

1.3.20 Golf Course Update (July, 2019)


139 total cars + 19 Fusion Cars.

Crash of Cars is taking its crazy car battles to... a Golf Course!

  • New Golf Course Map: Zip around the manicured greens and destroy other players' vehicles. Watch out for those bunkers!
  • New Epic Car: "Shadow" with a special perk destroys enemy shields.
  • 5 New cars.
  • Bug Fixes.

1.3.30 Dead Zed Promo (August 25, 2019)

To celebrate the launch of Dead Zed, a new game by Not Doppler, we've added a new car "Survivor" that can be unlocked in the prize machines!

1.3.40 Dungeon Update (October, 2019)


144 total cars + 20 fusion cars.

It's time to enter the Dungeon and discover what lays within!

  • Brand new Dungeon map
  • 5 New cars including the Epic Vulcan, equipped with a homing mini-turret!
  • Brand new Fur skin, just in time for halloween!
  • New Badges to test your skills
  • Bug fixes

1.3.50 Renegade Racing Promo (November 18, 2019)

Renegade Racing, a new game published by Not Doppler is here! To celebrate we've added a new car "Death Inc." that can be unlocked in the prize machines!

1.3.60 2019 Winterland Update (December, 2019)


150 total cars + 21 fusion cars.

The festive season has arrived in Crash of Cars!

  • Winterland map returns! Battle in a vibrant snowy village, and blast your opponents!
  • Special Limited Time Event: Drive Santa's Sleigh, as you try and collect as many exclusive presents as possible in our seasonal event.
  • 6 New vehicles!

1.4.00 2020 Sweetfields Update (March,2020)


154 total cars + 22 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is celebrating its 3 years, and with that we have a sweet update!

  • New Sweetfields map! Bite your way into a delicious world full of desserts
  • New map event! Collaborate with other players in Sweetfields to defeat King Jelly and literally taste the victory
  • 5 New vehicles!
  • Bug fixes

1.4.01 (April 15, 2020)

This version patches some bugs and contains all the new content from our recent third anniversary update!

1.4.10 2020 Blitz Mode Update (July,2020)


158 total cars + 23 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is gonna show you a new update!

  • New Blitz Mode! Fight at an accelerated rhythm in a mini arena, with the style of a real mortal match.
  • 4 new cars, including a luxury Sport car, an epic Hog motorcycle and even a pair of rollers!
  • New cars means new missions... Will you be strong enough to complete them?
  • New badges! Put your skills to a test with a new set of badges to collect.

1.4.14 (August 3, 2020)

  • This patch includes some bug fixes from the recent Crash of Cars update, including an increased Blitz Map size by 30% and improved Coin reward balance in this mode.

1.4.20 2020 Mansion Update (October,2020)


161 total cars + 24 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars prepared a spooky update for Halloween!

  • Participate in a new exciting seasonal event for the community!
  • This Halloween changes route with new rotation modes
  • Team up and obtain the highest number of takedowns with the return of Team Death Matches!
  • 4 new cars, including a really sharp drill, a sentinel mechanic truck and an exciting seasonal car.
  • New quests! Do you have what it takes to complete them all?
  • New badges! Are you brave enough to complete the new challenges?
  • Trick or treat! The power-up boxes got replaced by jack-o-lanterns...You’ve been warned.

1.4.30 2020 Frozen Vale Update (December,2020)


166 total cars + 25 fusion cars.

You snow the drill, Crash of Cars is delivering a jolly new update!

  • New and improved Frozen Vale map returns in time for the Holidays!
  • 'Santa Sleigh' event is back with brand new, exclusive prizes!
  • New Cars this update, including an out of this world vehicle equipped with a robot companion.
  • New Car Skins! Eat and be merry, with new seasonal exclusive skins.
  • Get into the holiday spirit with new Car Quests to complete!

1.4.31 (December 17, 2020)

  • This patch includes some bug fixes from the recent Crash of Cars update, including the Festive Event resources not resetting on map rotation.

1.5.00 Capture the Flag Update (March,2021)


170 total cars + 26 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is turning 4, and we’re celebrating with a new game mode!

  • Team up in brand new Capture the Flag mode! Will you strategize an elaborate defence or take charge and speed into your enemy’s base?
  • Brand new cars to be unlocked, including a high-tech car with the ability to deflect bullets and a sleek car that’ll make any Spy happy.
  • New Cars means new Quests! Jump into the action and complete them all.
  • New Badges that you’ll definitely want to capture.

1.5.10 Skygarden Update (July,2021)


174 total cars + 27 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is delivering a dreamy new update!

  • New Skygarden Map: Battle in the clouds in this whimsical floating world
  • New Cars, including the hot air balloon and a new perk-car Vertigo
  • Capture the Flag is now available in Private Matches
  • New Hidden Car: how long will it take for you to find it?
  • New Quests
  • Compete with friends or family in Private Matches to unlock a new badge

1.5.12 (July 21, 2021)

  • Fixed an issue with Vertigo and Ricochet cars
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

1.5.21 2021 Hollows Update (October,2021)


177 total cars + 28 fusion cars.

Crash of Cars is receiving a spooky new update with plenty in store for you to explore!

  • 4 brand new cars, including a new high-tech lightning car that can stun enemies and a car that is hungry for damage, allowing you to steal back lost health
  • Our Haunted forest map ""Hollows"" returns! Hide in fog and blast opponents as you battle for victory!
  • New Cars, means new Quests! Will you be able to complete them all?
  • New Badges! Can you earn them all?
  • Trick or Treat! Power up boxes have now been replaced with Jack-O-Lanterns... you've been warned.
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