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The War Machine is Fusion vehicle in Crash of Cars.

When it moves, everything trembles. When it ceases, all fall silent.


Like the Battering Ram, it deals knock-back to other vehicles upon contact, although this is not exclusive to the front side. The force stacks with vehicle velocity and Shield modifiers.

The backside does significantly less knock-back.


War Machine is extremely slow and heavy, in fact, it's has the lowest top speed of all vehicles in the entire game. Within, that however, War Machine is highly resilient against melee approaches such as ramming it to spin it out of control, because they'd be sent flying with the War Machine taking minor damage and knockback.

Because the War Machine is extremely slow, it's not recommended to be aggressive, since it also has very high health, which can take a bit of punishment. If encountering close-range approaches, allow physical contact with any means, so they get knocked back far away. In addition to that, with correct squeezing, the side panels can bash cars into water/bottomless pits and other hazards. Since vehicles cannot escape them without damage if a shield/teleport is unavailable, this is a somewhat reliable tactic to get rid of some threats.

The specific ramming effect is dependent on the target's velocity and mass. If for example the Speed or the Bumper Car is bashed while moving at full speed, it gets knocked far away. Otherwise, if the Tank or the Oiler is bashed, it will not go very far. Be mindful of the reduced rear knock-back.

The War Machine's large hitbox and slow mobility however may turn it into an easy prey in the case of dealing with power-ups, especially if the threat has higher mobility and is comming from the backside due to the lower knockback, or is keeping a safe distance. While the War Machine's massive health may allow it to survive such case, it will leave it severely weakened. Do note as well that Spikes will still knock the War Machine far away without retaliation.

As of the Hypergrid update, the health spawns in the map has given more light to the War Machine. When picked up, the amount of health recovered will be same as 10% of the vehicle's max health, basically meaning that War Machine can take only a few packs to gain a significant amount of health if left untouched. The vast amount of speed boosters can further augment its sheer bulk by greatly improving its velocity, making it exceptionally dangerous.

The knock-back ability is also very powerful in team deathmatches. Since the knock-back can easily send any vehicle far away, lighter allies can use the War Machine as a form of quick transport. On maps with multiple dead zones, it can also stall enemies before allies arrive, or even singlehandedly take out foes if given the chance.

The Volcano Update presents an even better opportunity for such as the summit does not have a border stopping the vehicles from getting knocked off, and if anything gets in the crater in the middle, they will instantly be destroyed unless they use Teleport. This is also the only "Exit Water Area" location for a Submarine, which presents a good opportunity for countering it by knocking it back immediately. One must beware not be be knocked off themselves, however.


  • The vehicle is an obvious reference to medieval siege machines, because of the medieval vehicles are used to make it, including Battering Ram.
    • However, War Machine does not resemble any medieval siege engines, rather, it more resembles to steampunk machines made up of medieval-themed parts.
  • It has the biggest hitbox out of all controllable vehicles.
  • War Machine, Battering Ram and Police Car tie for the vehicles with the slowest acceleration in the entire game.
    • However, unlike the others, War Machine's poor acceleration isn't immediately apparent due to its already low top speed.
  • If the player tries to select the War Machine, which returns them to the main menu with the desired vehicle, the side panels will briefly flip up. This occurs if the player selects it again, and the animation also plays when it enters the battlefield as well as when bashing cars.
  • The War Machine currently holds the highest health out of all vehicles in-game after the Halloween Update, as it was added in that Update, surpassing the Tank (7 health).
    • Despite the Tank being one of the composites, it does not have damage resistance but instead improved health. It is presumably used as a makeshift chassis for parts from other vehicles.
  • If the War Machine is rendered transparent, it is possible to find 4 logs mounted within, which extend when its ability triggers. This implies hidden mechanisms being also accountable for the front and rear bumpers, respectively.
  • The War Machine has a furnace, evidenced by the light coming from the gaps in the hood. This implies that the War Machine runs on coal despite the Tank running on oils while the remaining three lacks engine equivalents.
    • Since coal engines are generally inefficient and stiff, this may explain War Machine's poor velocity.
  • Similar to the War Car, War Wagon, and Battering Ram, the visible gear's rotation speed serves as a speedometer indicating how fast the vehicle itself goes.
  • It is the slowest vehicle in the entire game, beating the record of Tractor, a vehicle released since the Castle Update.
  • The War Machine was released on the Halloween Update along with Car Lab. It was immediately available, as War Car, War Wagon and Battering Ram are released in the earlier Castle Update (Battering Ram is no longer a 200-gem Upcoming by then), and the Tank was with the game since it's global launch.
  • In the Golf Course Update, if the Golf Course Cannon is occupied, a War Machine attempting to use the cannon will attempt to bash the non-existent vehicle continuously, with no effect until the cannon actually fires, causing the vehicle inside to be pushed away violently.
  • The War Machine's attack audio is re-used by Mechamorph.
  • Due to its high weight, sometimes when using Teleport, it will go out of bounds and flying off the map.
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